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Weekend adventures

We are having our camp reunion this weekend and I’m getting excited if only to get some place cooler than LA and up in the big trees. I miss the big trees of camp. I have a mission. The same mission I’ve had for the last three years and I’m am going to succeed,… eventually, I’m going to get a picture of the woodpeckers around camp. They have been taunting me way too long. I can see them but never when I’ve had my camera ready. They are evil. When I have my camera I can often hear them but not see them. The taunting must stop! I will get you, you buggers!

I volunteered to do Chapel on Saturday morning, we’ll see if anyone shows up. They are letting the Druid do it at a Catholic camp well, the Lion’s camp now. At least bloody Jesus isn’t in residence anymore in the Chapel. He used to give me the willies. So not what I was used to. My theme is a theme I wrote about in an earlier post today. Looking at the world through our magical eyes. Chapel is in the perfect place for that. It’s at the bottom of camp and hangs over the edge of the San Andreas fault surrounded by big Jeffrey pines and Incense Cedars. If we are lucky and it’s early enough we may even have a deer or two visit. And with my luck, the dratted woodpecker while I’m doing it.

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to help them turn on their magical eyes. It should be easy with the kids there but the adults especially if they are hung over could be trickier.

I have a great way to do it if it was at night, glow in the dark bubbles. I’m thinking if a few volcanoes of baking soda, vinegar and food colouring and then to more mundane magic like looking at trees and birds and parents and friends. We’ll see ‘cause magic is afoot.

Spelling and Spelling

People who complain that spelling doesn’t matter in spells and incantations are being a bit dim.

Example: You have a friend Cat and you have a pet or familiar who is a Cat and you write something about you’re Cat and you meant your cat, on whom did you cast your spell? Your pet or your friend?

Example: You want two of something or to get rid of something like a wart, and you write too instead of two? Is something going to happen because it was too much trouble to do it correctly? Very sloppy spell work.

Yes, intent is part of it but so is that written component if you are taking the trouble to write it down in the first place?

What if you have a friend, Kat and a not friend named Cat? Better make sure you spelled it correctly. Just saying. ‘cause I think correct spelling of both sorts is important.

Day 23 Inspirations: Divination and Magic – 30 days of Druidry

Well, to me Divination and Magic are two very different things. Mainly because I believe there is magic in our every waking moment. It’s all in how you look at the world. We can do magic with intent to reorient the world, to help us in some way such as getting a job or making ourselves better people or to protect ourselves but life itself is magic and requires no other action but to open our eyes and our hearts to it.

Because Magic = Wonder and missing it means you are sleep walking through your life and missing it. There is magic in just being here through another sunrise because there are people who won’t see another sunrise or sunset. There is magic in hearing a bird sing and even more magic in knowing who is singing. Isn’t it nice when someone you admire knows your name? It’s magic to notice how sunlight passes through leaves or a butterfly’s wing. It’s magic when we can hear and see trees and when we see the squirrel stocking up their cheeks to feed their family. It’s magic when the seeds sprout in your garden and rise to meet the sun. It’s all in how you look at things.

Do you see the love in a friend’s eyes when you see them? Even if they can no longer speak with their mouth, their eyes speak the words they can no longer say. There is magic in a baby’s laugh and in watching a friend’s belly grow with new life. There is even magic in watching hard things like a friend or a family member’s physical deterioration because they are sharing that moment in their lives with you as hard as it can be on both of you. It’s a magic that is a gift because you will remember that person for the rest of your life.

There is magic in making things with your hands from kneading bread or dough into something that will be nourishing to making a garment or a piece of jewelry to blowing a bubble and watching it’s colours whirl on a breeze as it floats away.

Because all life on this planet is magical and even things like rocks are alive in their own way because even a rock can grow or change through time. Life is awe inspiring in the most basic sense and the grandest one alike.


Divination is something I don’t do very often even though I do post a one card reading most days. I don’t do it to see the future. I do it as a check on my mental state. I find I can get obsessive about it and a bit paranoid if I do too much in that line. I probably have over 80 tarot and oracle decks plus Ogham and rune and amulet sets and most of them are absolutely no good or at least too obscure in their meanings and I hate to read for other people because I tend to see things I don’t want to see. I read for other people on very rare occasions sometimes with really awful results like being forced by a friend at a party during the height of the AIDS epidemic before there was a cure and being forced to read for a friend who hadn’t told his partner his diagnosis and his kid was watching from a marriage before he came out. Not fun when the cards come up.

Or getting suckered into reading at a Girl Scout Halloween carnival and taking my Medicine Wheel deck thinking the animals couldn’t say anything bad. Right, not happening, if Mom wants you to give a message. A troop came in and one little girl got Porcupine reversed. Porcupine is innocence and upside down it’s innocence violated. How do you tell a little girl in front of her friends and troop leader she needs to tell someone what is happening to her without embarrassing her? I managed it and when I told her to trust some adult and maybe she should tell stories to that adult I got a silent nod and a recognition in her eyes. I also talked to her leader and said that one of the girls might need to talk to her in private. I hope it did some good but it was terrifying.

One time I was hired to tell fortunes with friends at a Halloween party at a company. It’s where I work now and they stuck us in the room where they were currently laying people off and everyone that came in was already upset. Boy! That was fun. NOT! So divination may be an ancient skill but it sure is not one I find fun. I’ve taken professional level classes in both Astrology and Divination and I rarely practice either except to correct someone’s interpretation when they are way off, so not my thing!

Today’s reading


The Archer
The dawn of a new adventure, folded in the web of universal potential, waits for you to string the bow of your imagination and loose the arrows of creativity.

This is a time to be bold and commit to the hunting of new life and a better relationship with the world as well as the fulfilment of wholesome ambition. Take a moment to gather your tools and steady your state of mind.

Take careful stock of what you want to achieve, why and how you will go about it. Then harness your potential by filling your quiver with all the talents, knowledge and cunning you possess and string the `bow of burning gold’ with the `arrows of desire’.

Take a deep breath and be calm. It is time to let your soul take flight.

This card is to do with having a clear sense of direction. If The Ancestor leads you on to your path, The Archer teaches you how to walk that path with independence, determination an.d focused skill.

This card links to the Spring Equinox; a time to put the past behind you, to look to the future. It is the skill of The Archer that unifies the duality of intended and actual aim.