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Pride and prejudice

Wee Ginger Dug

Well that’s us telt then. According to a new opinion poll, a large majority of voters in England want to dock Scotland’s pocket money and send us to bed without any Barnett supper. Over half the respondents wanted Scottish public spending to be cut to the UK average in the event of a No vote. The newspaper reviewers on Sky News discussed the story and all agreed that it was a massive blow for Alicsammin. It’s the default position on all Scottish news stories.

I’ll summarise the rest for you:

“Naughty Caledonians, naughty. No Great British pudding for you lot, oh no. You’ll have had your jam. It’s terribly unfair that Scotland gets more money and all those free universities on prescription. Everyone knows you only have to swan into a Scottish university and they’re throwing free drugs at you. They’ll even look after your granny for free – and…

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Camp reunion Part 2 – A little less excitement

Saturday, I volunteered to do Chapel in the morning before breakfast. (We always try to have Chapel twice a day.) When I was working there it was run as a Catholic girls camp by the Catholic Daughters and we had nuns from the Sisters of Providence, Saint Mary in the Woods. So I was a bit apprehensive about doing it even though now there are Buddhists and Protestants and nones among us. I think I’m the only Druid. I was afraid they wouldn’t show up because it was before breakfast and it was early and just being an out pagan and the only one could make people not want to come.

So I kind of split the difference about what to do and people did show up besides Miss D who I always go with. I started with “For the beauty of the earth” which Catholics don’t sing according to the informal poll I took beforehand because it’s a Protestant hymn. I can deal with the word Lord because I think of the Green Man when I sing it. Then I read one of my nature prayers that I had written up there last year. And I ended with handing out bubbles and asking people to think about a blessing they wanted to give camp and the people from it and focus that wish/energy for the blessing into the bubbles and blow them. Very Pagan stuff but it went over very well. They liked it and someone threatened to make me in charge of all the Chapels which was a bit of a shock. It was supposed to be pajama breakfast but I felt weird about not getting dressed to run Chapel so I wore my favourite Jen Delyth Green Man shirt and shorts.

So the Druid survived doing Chapel and I was very glad I could do it surrounded by oaks, firs and pines and that the bloody Jesus statue is no longer on a Chapel niche. He used to freak me out with his bloody heart. Mary, I loved but that Jesus, not so much. Protestant raised kids don’t do the statue thing and add the zombie blood thing and it’s freak out time.

We used to have so many religious statues in camp and they didn’t all get transferred when the camp transitioned. Some went missing and I guess the ¾ lifesize St Teresa is one of the missing. She really used to give me the willies. She had a bad habit of travelling around camp on people’s days off and when you went to go to bed when you got back she’d be in your sleeping bag. Somehow in mine she always wore a cowboy hat and she had these eyes that from that angle would be looking at you. Not what you want greeting you from bed. One night I was so tired I just stood there and cried because I was so tired and knew I couldn’t lift her. She was plaster and a steel core and it took several people to shift her. SO NOT FUNNY.

Except for one night, someone got the brilliant idea to shift every statue in camp to the flag pole for flag raising in the morning. There were a lot of statues and some involved sneaking past sleeping nuns and nurses to obtain, like St Joseph from the infirmary. I think there were over 15 statues or more but while we were transporting St Teresa from her hutch down the road, Miss D started to call to Jesus mid transport. Now it’s around 2:00 in the morning and black as pitch and the way she is going on it sounds like the second coming, all we could hear was “JESUS, JESUS, JESUS.” and our hair starts to stand on end and someone finally turns on a flashlight and St Teresa’s rose bouquet has come off in Miss D’s hand. I figured out later that it had been broken before this by the look of it but still it scared the crap out of all of us and then Sister Paula who never seemed to sleep, walked by and just told us hello and to have a nice night. By then the adrenaline has reached max saturation and we decided to put them all back where they started in silent terror and went to bed. Not sure any of us slept when we finally got to bed but I think that was the last time big St. Teresa went on a trip. That didn’t stop Mary and Joseph from ending up on pool kick boards floating with flowers and candles another time but you can’t stop determined pranksters. J

The rest of the day was quiet after I had an interview with a very cute Officer Sanchez who took it more seriously than we thought they would. We invited her to lunch but her partner wouldn’t stay. They were out of the Palmdale station so it was cooler where they were but oh well.

I ended up putting my Arts and Crafts hat back on again and helping with the Tie Dyeing which was fun. Miss Suzanne was the chief since it was her idea. She was A&C sometime after me. I think she was a camper when I was there.

I went down to the cabin to read and was planning to come back up to the pool but ended up falling asleep until dinner.

And yes, we call each other Miss, Girl Scout camps use camp names CTP used to call everyone Miss and their name which was pretty confusing when 95% of the camp staff is named Mary. You end up with Mary Pat, Mary P, and then a bunch of Pattys too so you have Baby Patty, Sister Patty. I spent most of every summer telling the kids I wasn’t a nun. Their logic was that I wore a lot of blue, I had short hair then so I must be a nun. This was fine until the camp manager would call for Sister Mary Elizabeth instead of Miss Kat over the loudspeaker and I’d get chorus of “You lied! You said you weren’t a nun.” If S hadn’t been the boss, it could have been beating time.

Adult females oust teenage boys as largest gaming demographic | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour

About bloody damn time, I started gaming on a dos computer and a d&d game around 1984 and I’ve loved it ever since and I play several different kinds. I still lovr going on quests!