Archive | February 15, 2017

It’s spring!

I love living in Southern California and I love something about just about every season and yes, we do have them. Any gardener can tell you that. But spring after needed rain is gorgeous.

I drove surface streets to my doctor yesterday because my car has decided not to like freeways and I can’t afford to buy a new computer for the damn thing. I miss my old boxy Jeep Cherokee with no computer to shut things off when it shouldn’t.

Anyway driving from Woodland Hills to Pasadena is about 28 miles or for the mileage impaired 42.83 km. It was glorious. Right now the flowering pear trees are blooming. They were late this year and should have been blooming at Brighid but are blooming now and they are the predominant street tree in many places like the Valley. It’s like driving through faery land. They are covered in thick white blossoms and if there is a small breeze white petals are floating everywhere.

Spring is just beginning here at it’s wonderful