Archive | February 20, 2017

Adventures in the rain

Friday was one of the scariest weather days I have ever been through. It would have been even scarier if I had driven but taking the bus was bad enough.

I made the mistake of not wearing boots and my tennie runners are still damp. It rained and it blew, (literally hurricane force winds). There were trees down everywhere and there will probably be many more than usual because people haven’t been watering their trees because of the drought regulations.

The busway is enclosed except at the end where I get off and it splits between the bus my sister takes going north and my bus that goes into Warner Center but it crosses streets at major intersections and the power was out at many of them and people forget to treat them as 4 way stops.

At work it was bad enough that almost no one went out at lunch but by quitting time it was really going. I got soaked just going across the parking lot to the bus stop. The bus was late. At least 3 busses never came and one went by us with “Not in Service” lit.

There is a special place in hell for drivers that change lanes to drive in the gutter to wet people standing at the bus stop and they were definitely doing it on purpose because it’s a two lane street and hardly anyone was out and you could see them and they were almost always men, decide to do it and then actually do it. I hope their cars died somewhere.

When the bus finally came it got even crazier. There were trees down on the busway and hardly any room to go around them so the bus was basically tip toeing around them. The bus way is like a sluice anyway or the Autopia at Disneyland. It’s two lanes, one going and one coming and two high curbs on either side. It can’t divert except at intersections and the stops aren’t that close together in some parts like when it goes through the Sepulveda Basin.

The Basin is a natural water collection area behind a dam that is normally full of recreation areas, ball fields, golf course, velodrome and large parks until it rains and then it’s the place where the water collects and feeds into the LA river. There are a lot of homeless people that camp in there and as usual they had to be rescued. Going through the area when it’s closed is a bit spooky because they close the roads and the bus is the only thing that moves through it. The water on the bus way was creating huge feathers taller than the windows on the bus as we went. The windows were all fogged up so most of the few people on the bus kept using our sleeves to wipe the windows to see out.

We were almost to my stop when a tree trimming truck with a wood chipper attached came down the bus way from the other direction. They were in for a fun time, NOT!

When we got to my stop at Laurel Canyon, the power was out and that is an extremely busy intersection at any time. The bus stop sits in the middle of the road which means I have to cross two roads to get home. It was almost dark because of the weather and the lights being out. Laurel Canyon is 4 lanes across there with 2 extra lanes for turning right and left and I had to cross it with no signal and using my cane. I have to say it was absolutely terrifying to cross. The first three lanes the cars stopped but the lanes coming across the street’s cars didn’t stop until they were almost on me. If I had wet myself it was raining so hard no one would have known. ( I didn’t)

From there it’s about a 15 minute walk to the apt. There was a tree and fence down across one sidewalk and the street I have to walk down with no sidewalk was ankle deep in rain water and all running down hill. That is when my feet got really wet. I ended up leaving my shoes on the front porch after struggling with wet laces to untie them, until last night trying to get them to dry out.

I came home and my sister had been home all day chasing leaks including several in my bedroom. Two by the bed, but thankfully not over the bed and a few other drips. My floor was covered in mixing bowels and vases she’d grabbed to catch the drips.

I had thought about going down to the Vons because I needed stuff from the store and I like their bakery. Glad I didn’t or it might have been me in the sinkhole and not the 2 cars that did end up in it. The sewer pipe had broken and it took out the roadway and the road is going to be closed for awhile. As I said Laurel Canyon is always busy. It’s one of the main ways to get from the Valley to Hollywood and the area there. They were lucky it was only 2 cars, at that time of night it’s usually full of people coming home from work or going out to dinner or the movies on a Friday night.

I was so cold and wet I took a shower instead to get warm. My sister says she would have tackled me if I had tried to go out, anyway.

I spent yesterday picking up branches that had come down from our two sycamores. They drop branches all the time anyway but if it’s windy, they drop a lot and you can hear them hitting the cars parked below them.

I could have done with a little less excitement that day and it’s raining again today. Hopefully the power will be on when I get home. Crossing the street like that was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done and I’ve done some pretty scary things.