Archive | April 19, 2016


This year I got smart and got busy before Mercury Retrograde I did two important things. One I finally sent my DNA in to Nat Geo, I’ve had the kit since January, but I received it during the January Retrograde and decided to wait and then I had surgery and kept for getting and I needed to be able to get to the Post Office to weigh it for correct postage. Glad I did because it took a lot of postage to mail.

The other is my mom’s storage unit was finally sold and even though I’ve been paying on it since before she died and almost everything was addressed to me, they wouldn’t issue the check for the money from the sale to me. A week or so ago they finally sent the correct paperwork that I had to have notarized and my sister and I had to swear we were her only survivors.

At first they were giving me all this guff about Power of Attorney and I had to point out Power of Attorney ceases upon death and then it was probate. You have to have an estate to have probate. There was no estate except for the flaming storage and since they sold that for less than probate amount anyway it doesn’t count and she’s been dead for 8 years and the statute of limitations is 4 years. Anyway Public Storage has been giving me the runaround and finally sent the forms last week. Ali and I went to the notary at UPS and got the darn form notarized and it’s been sent too. They say they will send the check on receipt, we’ll see.


I’m so mad right now. The asshat across from my cubicle, temp was demanding I take a phone call because a broker wanted to speak to me because the broker didn’t like what I told him by email . I do not take phone calls ever, I have too hard a time hearing over the phone. Today is already a bad day because my ears are full and I feel like I have a bathing cap on my head and I’m dizzy and they hurt. So the temp is sulking and steaming in the cubicle across from me because I told the poor baby, no. And he kept asking. I told him to write it in a ticket (how we handle things) and he was so insulted. Baby millennial men who think women should just do it, annoy the crap out of me. I actually had to yell at him, “I’m Deaf!” because he kept insisting, then he went to our lead. This is so much fun, not!

Meniere’s episodes suck. I’m dizzy and queasy and I feel like I have earmuffs on and that my ears are stuffed tight with fluid and then there are the asshats that think because I can hear something, I’m not really deaf. I’m so mad at the moment. Just once I wish they were all in my shoes and see how much fun it is. I’m feeling embarrassed that I had to yell, “I’m DEAF!” at work. Now every one at work heard it. I’m taking a walk with my cane at lunch. I don’t need to fall and face plant on top of this. I need to get outside in the sunshine and out of here.


He is foreign born and raised in Hong Kong so I guess he lost face when I yelled at him and he left and went home at 11am. Heaven forbid and older woman not back down when he wants something. Grrrr!

Having an episode of Meniere’s gets on my last nerve anyway, when everything is loud and I can’t hear what I want to hear. I get mad. It’s invisible so other people can’t tell when it’s mad but my old boss wouldn’t allow me to tell anybody what was going on because of HIPAA, which is stupid because if the patient is willing to divulge the information it’s perfectly legal. She just kept saying, it’s nobody’s business but it is if shit like today happens because I can’t explain.

I swear I’m going to start signing on days I can’t hear and if they can’t understand it tough.