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I’m wearing tunics or I keep telling myself that


Grad nite 1972, that dress ends right about where the photo does

The system goes down at work at every month end and we’re supposed to look busy while having nothing to do. This is why sometimes you get a lot of actual writing out of me, if I can’t find something to do.

I miss wearing pants. I haven’t been able to wear pants since the surgery. I tried one day and paid for many days afterward so I have been wearing leggings because they don’t induce pain. I guess removing the tumour and all the scar tissue did a number on me. It mostly feels like my middle is full of very sharp beading needles. Beading needles are very thing and very sharp. This is not a fun thing to have hanging out below your waist. It probably means all the nerves are trying to reknit themselves but it really sucks.

In order to be able to wear leggings at work I had to get a bunch of tunics that cover my front and butt. For someone who grew up in the age of miniskirts that were sometimes shorter than my arms this is slightly amusing. For someone who hasn’t worn a dress in anything but ritual this is appalling. I feel like I’m violating some dyke code. Especially when some of my co-workers make a point to tell me how cute I look when “I dress like girl”. I’m 61 fucking years old. I do not want to “dress like a girl”.

Thank heavens, for Amazon. I ordered most online. Today’s number because it’s over 80 degrees outside is a rayon blue tie dye affair with a handkerchief hem. It’s longer than the dress I wore to Grad Night at Disneyland in 1972. Weird. I feel like I’m in drag. Unfortunately, I’m stuck wearing these ensembles until I heal enough to get back in my jeans.

I think I’m getting this on Thursday:

It isn’t too bad and if it’s going to stay hot, it’s reasonable. I don’t normally wear tanks either because my tats show. So this could get really entertaining. I have two, one is a bear which is a tribute to my gay brother. He was a gay bear. Mine is somewhere between a fetish bear and a Celtic knot bear. And the other tat is a large pentagram wound around with ivy vines and I can’t find a photo of it.

So I’m stuck with wearing tunics and leggings for the forseeable future and as far as I concerned they are tunics not dresses.


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