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Saying “Isis” in Egyptian—Updated


This is a revised and updated version of how to pronounce Isis’ name in Her native tongue. The original post was getting a little long in the tooth and needed updating. The explanation is easier to understand and more complete now. Never stop learning 😉

Until recently, with the advent of Kemeticism, the name of Egypt’s Great Goddess Isis was almost invariably pronounced “Eye-sis.” That’s the Anglicized version of what the ancient Greeks called Her: Ἶσις (Ee-siss). For the sake of familiarity, that’s the version I still generally use in this blog. But when I want to go full Egyptian, I represent Her name as Iset. Here’s why:

These are the most common hieroglyphs for Isis’ name in Egyptian.

In Egyptian, Isis’ name was most often spelled with the hieroglyphs throne, semi-circle (also called bread loaf), Goddess, although during the thousands of years of Her worship there were a number of variant…

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7 really useful ‘How To’ articles – Getting the word out on WordPress

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


A few weeks ago I had a bit of a blip in the stats. Both visitors and views went up to several times the usual numbers. I was curious, especially as there hadn’t been anything of exceptional note published that day. The normal haiku, a couple of reblogs, and a couple of posts that were relatively lightweight. Nothing that might have been able to explain the hike in the figures.

There were no more ‘likes’ per post than usual… it seemed odd and, though not at all ungrateful for the extra traffic, the blue spike in the graph sort of bugged me. It reminded of that universally recognised digital taunt… the middle finger.

Was it telling me that I should stick to lightweight stuff if I wanted these kind of figures? That fluff is preferred over substance? I know that simple posts, easy on eye and mind get more of…

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