Archive | October 13, 2014

Adventures in healthcare

The past 6 months I’ve been having problems with my liver or more specifically the numbers on my tests for liver function and high cholesterol numbers. Something that before I lost my gall bladder was never a problem so I can’t take statins and I would refuse to take them anyway because the long term use of them is showing a lot of serious problems so I decided to try diet and herbs. I’ve been taking milk thistle and I switched to a low fat spread for things that need it which uncovered another problem. They make me have a bigger problem with other digestive problems. Today was my doctor visit to review my latest numbers. The numbers were a lot better but I now have another problem, I’m allergic to soy. Try finding low cholesterol things that don’t have soy in them.

I knew I had a problem with soy after I got spayed in 1996 but I thought it had gone away. Nope. I’ve been using Milk Thistle and that doesn’t seem to cause a problem. My doctor wants me to try Red Rice Yeast. I’m sensitive to rice but she thinks that won’t be a problem. Here’s hoping it works and thank heavens for a doctor who doesn’t freak out about using herbs.

But she’s hedging her bets and making me get an ultrasound of my liver in case something else is wrong. Oh Joy!