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Don’t waste your money at the LA Zoo

Saturday I gave my sister the choice of three places we could go and I’m sorry to say she chose the LA Zoo. I love LA and I’m ashamed to steer anyone near the place. It was the biggest waste of $32 I’ve ever had. If you have to go to a zoo, go anywhere else. Do not waste your money here.

It was dirty and smelly like they had never cleaned some of the cages. The Flamingo enclosure is really bad. I used to have to visit chicken ranches when I did workers comp at SCIF that never smelled this bad. And it’s right at the entrance made me want to turn around and leave.

There are few animals there. A lot of exhibits are closed. The ones that are there and allegedly have animals in them are so full of vegetation that you can’t see through the windows or screening and the window glass is so dirty it’s rather pointless to even look.

The Aviary used to be my favourite place in the zoo. It was full of lovely colourful birds. Now you’re lucky if there are 20 birds in there and 15 of them are flamingos that are probably spill over from the smelly flamingo pen and the other 5 are ducks. It was terrible.

The only thing I found worthwhile was the orangutans and the elephants. What you could see of the three elephants. Now that they have made the enclosure so big you can’t see them. Good for wide roaming elephants not so good in a zoo. The San Diego Wild Animal Park does it a lot better.

The sign says & Botanical Garden, only if the botany is weeds. They badly need some competent horticulturists and gardeners.

Not only are there few animals and it’s dirty but then they try and gouge you for food. Seriously? An $8 grilled cheese sandwich and $3.50 for the chips to go with it and forget the drink. If you are dumb enough to go, take a picnic or go early and do what we did and adjourn to somewhere else. We went to Fuddrucker’s afterwards and got lunch for 2 at the price of one at the zoo and that included drinks and a chocolate shake and a cookie.

This zoo was built in the side of a mountain pre-ADA and says it’s disabled friendly and it isn’t I did it with my cane and I back still hurts. It’s only ADA accessible if you are on the tram which is another $4 a piece.

I’m totally ashamed that this is LA’s Zoo. For Pete’s sake the old zoo in the 60’s before it was rebuilt had more animals and smelled better and that includes the visit where the lion peed on my dad.

DO NOT GO TO THE LA ZOO if you like animals or good value for your money.