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Not safe for work or Men to read

Witchy Girl over on her blog was asking about how and whether other women honoured their moontimes/menstrual cycle/curse. I know it’s very unfashionable in the Goddess community to call your period the curse but for me it was.

For me my period was 2-3 days of hell on earth when I had one. It was not something I choose to honour especially when the whole damn system tried its best to kill me. I didn’t start having one until I was 16 and then began my life in hell. 2-3 days every month I had such bad cramps nothing touched them and Ibuprofen wasn’t invented then. The only thing that ever caused any relief at all was hanging upside down for which my father called me the bat. Otherwise I was prone on the cool bathroom tile, trying to decide whether to throw up or let one of my other orifices evacuate. So, yes, I hated my ”monthly visitor” and “Aunt Flo from Redlands” or “The Red River Valley”. I wore two, count them, two extra large Kotex on a belt pre the kind you know stick to your chonies. And those belts were your own kind of hell if you sat on the spiky hook end wrong.

No one will ever get me to believe that having a period was a blessing. I am a lesbian who worked with children long enough to know I never wanted to have them except to spoil a friend’s kids. I always thought there should be an opt out button and in 1996 at 42 years old, I got my wish in a big way. I started having non-stop pain and non-stop periods and I looked like I was going to give birth any moment when I’d never had sex with a man. My GP at the time refused to do anything about it other than to do an ultrasound and tell me I had fibroids. I know my body and I knew something was seriously wrong. My GP said I might change my mind and want children? So I was just going to have to wait for menopause, uh, no. I called my insurance carrier on call nurse who gave me a referral on the spot and got a Dr appt the next day on a Thursday. BY then I was so big they couldn’t do a proper ultrasound. The four days later I had emergency surgery. My new gynecologist told me if I hadn’t had the surgery I would have been dead in two weeks. The fibroids were strangling my intestines and bladder and would have gone gangrenous very shortly. They had to reconstruct a lot of my innards and find an ovary that had gotten lost. An normally short surgery took four hour and many months to heal from the reconstruction.

So there will never be a love affair here with my lower female parts. I will never ever think that honouring your moon time is a fun idea. That was thought up by women who don’t get cramps and don’t pass clots the size of pieces of beef liver.

I went twice to Z Budapest Goddess 2000 camps and I enjoyed the first one enough to go back again the year she wrote her book on the Fates and everyone got divided up into Maiden, Mother and Crone. I was told I should be by virtue of my age I had to be in the Mother group. The Mother group informed me and the two other women who had been spayed that we shouldn’t even have been allowed in camp because we had allowed Western medicine to mutilate us and that we were no longer women. Really???!! Seriously??? So we went to the Crone group who didn’t give us any shit about it. It pissed me off and it still does.

There is a lot of folklore about how powerful you allegedly are when you are on your period. Somehow I never felt powerful while hanging upside down from a bedpost or yacking to the porcelain goddess. I just felt horribly ill. Being a Crone and not being prey to my cycles made me feel much more powerful than ever having a period did. So, NO! You will never hear me say worshipping or honouring moontime is a sacred thing. It was a bloody, messy, painful craptastic time. The first month after my surgery I skipped down the feminine supplies row I was so happy not to be buying $10 (1996 remember) a month on sanitary supplies.

SO NO! I will never honour my period. It isn’t necessary for ritual purity! I honour my lack thereof and now that most of my friends have joined me in Cronedom, I hear a lot of sighs of relief and I have yet to hear anyone say they miss having one. So bring on the hot flashes and power up your own personal tropical vacations! It’s power surge time!

Poetry month – Goddess Grace – unknown

Goddess Grace Unknown

I am the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.
All Her gifts are mine.
All Her powers reside in me.

I am Athena of Greece.
Like my totem the owl,
I am wise for I see and hear everything around and within me. Like the oak, I am strong for the olive of peace is sacred to me.

I am Bast, cat goddess of Egypt.
I am graceful, flexible, playful, and affectionate.
I radiate the warmth and light of the glorious sun.

I am Cerridwen of Wales.
My magic cauldron contains food for the soul,
an inexhaustible source of wisdom and inspiration.
The more I give, the more I receive.

I am Diana, Roman goddess of the ever-changing moon.
I am a protectress of women and children,
a guardian of the wild.
I focus my aim on my heart’s desire and draw it to me.

I am Ereshkigal, Assyro-Babylonian goddess of the underworld,
Queen of the Great Below.
I shed dead skin to grow.
Deep powers of renewal are mine.

I am Freya, Well-beloved Nordic Lady.
I survey the beauty of my world in joyous flight.
I celebrate and honor the bonds between friends and lovers.

I am Gaia, Greek Earth Mother.
Grounded and centered in the rhythms and patterns of chaos,
I emerge to create my universe.

I am Hecate of Greece. Triple Goddess of the crossroads of choice.
I balance my powers of thought and my emotion.
I choose the path I walk.
The torch of my reason is illumined by my brilliant intuition.

I am Isis, Egyptian Queen of the World.
I offer healing and transformation to all in need.
I hold the power to shape my world.

I am Jagad-Yoni, Hindu universal yoni, womb of the world.
I am the gatekeeper of the next generation.
I choose the life that emerges through me.
I use my power wisely.

I am Kwan-Yin of Buddhist China, goddess of compassion.
I hear and comfort the wounds of the world.
I welcome children and teach the magic of change.

I am Liban, Irish mermaid goddess.
I revel in the healing power of pleasure.
Quench your thirst at my sacred well.

I am Maat of Egypt.
Truth, justice and law are the natural order of my universe.
Harmony arises as I attune to my divine will.

I am Nu-Kua, Chinese dragon-tailed creaturess.
I restore the cosmic equilibrium.
I form community among women and men,
connecting in equality of love and respect.

I am Old Spider goddess of Micronesia.
I created the moon, the sea, the sky, the sun,
and the earth from a single clamshell.
All the vast and varied universe is present
in the smallest forms of life.
As above, so below.
As within, so without.

I am Pele, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.
My fiery energy erupts from my core to create new worlds.
I flow easily over obstacles in my path.

I am Qedeshet of Syria.
I balance lightly on the lion I ride.
Laughter lifts me from the pull of gravity.

The lotus blossoms I hold and the serpents I carry
symbolize the life and health I bring.

I am Rhiannon, horsewoman, Divine Queen of Wales.
My steady pace is swift and smooth.
I travel freely through the world, safe, serene and secure.
My winged friends can wake the dead,
and lull the living to sleep.

I am Sedna of the Eskimos.
Know and honor me through my animals.
Bears, whales, and seals,
all creatures of the land and sea are part of me.
We share the right to be.

I am Tiamat of Babylon, primordial sea-serpent.
I am the great mother womb
who brought forth the earth and the heavens.
I dive deep into the watery unconscious
to find the treasures buried there.

I am Uttu, Chaldean-Sumerian goddess of weaving and vegetation.
I offer shelter and nourishment to all who know me.
We weed and clothe each other through our work.

I am Vasudhara, Hindu goddess of abundance.
My six arms hold everything you need and offer it to you.
Earth Water Fire Air Center Spirit Purpose Love Passion Wisdom Here Now.

I am Wite Woman of Honduras.
I descend from heaven to build my temple on earth
and return as a glorious bird.
I honor and express my true spirit.
My beauty is beyond compare.

I am Xochiquetzal, Aztec goddess of flowers, love
spinning, weaving, singing and dancing.
I am an Original Woman.
I delight in sharing my many gifts.

I am Yemaya, Nigerian Fish Mother, Brazilian Voodoo mermaid.
Lakes, rivers and oceans are my home.
The waters of life belong to me.
We cleanse and sustain each other.

I am Zoc, Gnostic Acon of Life.
Mother of All Living.
I am the embodiment of growth and vitality.
I am unique life energy.

I am the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.
All Her gifts are mine.
All Her powers reside in me.

We are the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.
All Her gifts are mine.
All Her powers reside in me.

You are the Goddess of a thousand names and infinite capacity.
All Her gifts are thine.
All Her powers reside in thee.

Seeing?? Hearing or Feeling Auras

First off, Miss Kat doesn’t quite know how to describe this particular skill that anyone can do. Auravoyance? Auricle? Auronics, Aurakinetics? How about people who see, feel, hear, touch (which is not the same as feel), smell or taste auras?

The last statement needs to be explained because everyone talks about “seeing auras” and that isn’t always true. We use what ever sense happens to be our primary “other” sense. Most people trust their eyes more than their other senses, hence the term “seeing auras”.

We all have a complement to each of our primary senses such as: extrasensory hearing, seeing, feeling, touching, smelling and tasting. Empathy is extrasensory feeling. Telekinesis is extrasensory touching. Telepathy is extrasensory hearing. Sensing aura can combine any of the above senses.

Miss Kat was born blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other and was until she was seven years old. Sight is not her primary sense. Hearing, touching and feeling are. She had almost no sense of smell until she became a Witch so she sort of wonder sometimes is she’s actually smelling something physical since she has to concentrate so hard.

To see an aura, Miss Kat either has to concentrate very hard or someone has to ask her about what color is it and then she just “knows”. On the other hand, She can immediately hear and feel people’s auras. If she knows you well enough, she can immediately sense if something is different, i.e., if you are upset, happy or nervous. It’s written on the surface like Braille.

Some people project their aura a great distance away from their physical body or keep it very close and tight. Miss Kat doesn’t know much about tastes and smells although she knows people who smell first. One was a pastor of healing at her parent’s church. He could walk into any hospital room and tell by smell (which wasn’t a “real” smell) if someone was going to die or get well. He also had a very healing touch and used to collect children who wanted or needed to be held. Miss Kat used to snuggle up with his grandchildren and feel safe. His son is also a doctor and she suspects he has the same sense because sometimes he knows what’s going on without a whole lot of information.

I also have a coven sister who tells by smell if you are okay or not. I haven’t found anyone who tastes auras but I suspect they are out there simply because of the phrase “ he left a bad taste in my mouth”.

I hear, touch or feel people depending on where they enter my space. I project quite a distance. If I’m hearing, it can be loud or soft. Sometimes it’s rather like the difference between rap and classical and I guess you could call it “ easy listening”. I particularly dislike rap so you can tell what I think of people whom I hear that way. Everyone carries “music” in their voice that you can also hear.

When I feel someone’s aura it is in textures, scratchy, itchy, rich velvet, burlap, emery boards, diamond bright or diamond hard, a warm towel, sparkly, warm, hot, cold, in constant motion or placid. I get more information than just sight would give me and I do depend heavily on that information. (Do not use “Rescue Remedy” while trying to feel auras, it makes you head blind and can drive you nuts.) If your words and actions do not match, I’ll either ask you point blank “ what’s wrong?” (Not one of my more endearing traits), or avoid you like the plague because I don’t trust you. I especially don’t trust people who project black or gray thick fog. I’ve learns that people who do that just hide too much of themselves and aren’t trustworthy.

How do you feel an aura? Rub your hands together and let them float from your sides slowly. You should feel something tangible, soft and warm. If your aura is thin, you should feel a distinct edge. It will be egg shaped with the longer point of the egg in front and fairly close in at the sides. This exercise may take some practice but just about everyone can do it.

To see an aura, do not look straight in front of you. This usually takes a lot of practice. While looking forward look at a person out of the corner of your eye. This also works for ghosts and elementals. Let your focus ease and soften to start. You should see at least a lighter colored area and with practice you can delineate the edges and see color.

You can reach out and touch someone with your aura. I have been known to tickle people’s auras and quite a few people have gotten vastly amused ticking mine since they weren’t even touching me. Stroke gently and don’t poke! It’s also kind of fun during sex to tickle or stroke someone’s aura. You usually get quite a reaction and your partner may ask what the hell you just did. Giggle, giggle and no, I don’t give free samples.

Another exercise you can try is with a partner. Face your partner with hands outstretched and palms about a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch apart. Stare into the other person’s eyes. Have one person start moving their hands, the other must try and follow by sensing energy flow. When done right, the lead will shift from one person to the other back and forth. To anyone watching it will look like a choreographed dance and is usually quite beautiful. You will start to use your whole body and when it works, it’s quite a magickal experience.

Please experiment. Find out what your primary sense is. Sit in a room with people and close your eyes. Rooms have auras, as do parties and gatherings which are the sum total of the people in the room. Some gatherings feel like a big hug, some hurt or are painful and some itch or annoy. Try being aware of what you feel walking into the room. Trust it!

When Miss Kat was little, She saw everyone as an animal. She lost that ability around puberty so that’s what She’s practicing now. When she was young, she had friends who were dogs, cats, squirrels, an elephant and Jeanabeth was a ladybug. This had nothing to do with personality type, it was just who they were. The animal was just there.

So see, hear, feel the World!

Puppets & Lady Olivia




One of the Founders of the Fellowship of Isis is Lady Olivia Robertson. When we were having a Hierophant ceremony last year for 2 of our members, Lady Olivia couldn’t attend so she attended in spirit.

Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!

There are some things that the Craft has been accused of but if someone asked you to do them it would not be the Craft. These are things like blood sacrifice, sex and hexing.

The Craft never practices blood sacrifice. The closest we get is a few burnt herbs. We don’t even sacrifice living plants. Although having been at rituals where people got a plant to nurture as a symbol of their commitment to a project maybe the plant would have been safer as a sacrifice. Withering on a windowsill is worse.

No one should ever ask for your blood as a commitment. Miss Kat has occasionally given blood unintentionally when trying to clear the wick on a corner candle with her athame. But never give blood intentionally unless it is the Red Cross or hospital blood drive or at your doctor’s office.

In Wicca, no animal should ever have its life taken, period. Other traditions such as Santeria or Yoruban traditions do sacrifice chickens but they also eat them afterward with reverence. They do not do it lightly. It is done in ritual by trained priest/esses.

We honor the animals we eat but unless we live on a farm we generally don’t kill them. A lot of Wiccans are vegans or vegetarians. Miss Kat was once lectured on why she should be a vegetarian at a pagan gathering but as the person doing the lecturing was wearing leather boots and a hand-painted leather jacket she didn’t think the source was very valid or very bright.

Miss Kat gives thanks for any animal that gives its life for her dinner. She has had to kill animals to protect the children she was in charge of and knows it is not something to be taken lightly. In fact the first time she had to kill an animal it scared her to death. No one knew that but her because if she had missed she might have died. The first was a rattlesnake that was under her Arts and Crafts refrigerator. She uses a sharpened shovel and it was very quick. It was eaten at dinner and she still treasures its gift of skin. It did not taste like chicken. It tasted more like boiled innertube.

If some one ever tells you that you have to be initiated with sex. It is not the Craft. There are traditions that have sexual rituals. These traditions use them between consenting adults and established couples and not done just for fun. It’s done in private not on the flaming altar. If someone says anything different is practicing manipulation and not the Craft.

There is also no sex with the Devil. Yuck! There is no Devil. He was a perverted version of Cernunnos or Pan that the medieval Church picked up. The Dominicans that thought this up had very dirty minds and were obviously celebate way too long. It would have been much better if they had become shepherds or farmers and much safer for a lot of women.

Some traditions practice ritual flogging. Miss Kat thinks that went out with the Royal Navy and the Catholic Church. She sees no purpose in tormenting the physical body as ritual. If you really want to beat yourself up go to the gym. Far too many people were abused as children or in relationships for this to have any meaning in ritual.

We do not Hex! This comes out of that pesky “Harm None” thing. We don’t do it period. If you want to banish something put it in a positive fashion. Want banish poverty? How about a ritual to cure world hunger and need? Want to hex a rapist? How about wishing the police all the clues they need to solve the case? Or that the perpetrator be lit up so all can see his true self? Want to end war. Pray and demonstrate for peace.

Hexing doesn’t do anything but put you in a bind worse than the thing you are hexing. In fact that’s exactly what it does. It binds you to the negative. Do you really want that?

Addendum: Yes, some people say it’s okay to hex and some people say the Rule of Three only works if you believe in it. But there is also the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Confucius was right. Positive energy follows positive energy and a negative mindset can mire you in a very dark place that can be hard to snap out of.