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Feeling Equal? We’ve come a long way baby but we still have a long way to go

If you think you are equal let me take you back to when I was a kid.

Please return all your credit cards. Your husband can let you use his when he feels you deserve it.

Please quit any job that isn’t secretarial, in nursing, in janitorial or teaching. Everything else is a man’s job and you are taking work from him. You may not own your own business unless it’s Tupperware, Mary Kay or Avon.

Your job, if you are allowed one, will include getting your boss his coffee, shopping for his wife, getting his lunch and getting his dry cleaning. There will be no women in management. (At one of my companies we found an old manual that included how to smoke like a lady at work at your desk if your boss allowed it and why you couldn’t wear pants. This led to enormous hilarity)

You can’t teach science, or math, we may let you teach art but everyone knows the great artists are men. You may teach language arts and home ec.

All PE classes will be segregated again and girls may now do ladylike things like take walks. The boys B teams can now use all the girls fields and the girls gym. How do I know that? Because that is what my school did in my newly built school in 1970. We may let you play tennis out of season and there will be no girls teams for sports. Title IX has been repealed.

Or as in my high school all the girls taking physics will get an automatic A whether you do the work or not because you will need it for your college transcript. (I refused to take it for this reason. I earned my grades)

All girls must take home ec and pass cooking and sewing with at least a C. You need to know how to take care of your family. You may not take shop, ladies do not take shop.

Remember to have permission from your husband or your father to go to the doctor. Your husband must okay your emergency hysterectomy or c section or any other medical procedure for that matter. My mom made us change doctors when I was in 7th grade because he (the doctor) tried this on us and she wanted us to have access to birth control or abortion that was 1966.

You may not take the Pill, use an IUD or any other form of birth control. The only appropriate birth control is holding an aspirin between your knees. (I’m not kidding, we were told this in health class)

You must be a member of your local church or synagogue or you can count on being shunned by your neighbors because you are a “bad girl”.

Remember to have permission to be out after 10pm from the man who is in charge of you.

You must wear dresses and skirts to work and school and they have to be of appropriate length.

Please remember to always wear a hat and gloves and invest in a good slip and girdle. Foundation garments are very important. Your comfort is not important, obeying the rules is important.

Makeup must be discrete as well as perfume otherwise you will be a slut
Tampons are not worn by ladies, please only wear napkins. There is no ibuprofen, cramps are a sign from God of Eve’s sin.

You may not drive without permission or for that purchase a car or any large major appliance except maybe a new sewing machine. Men can’t be expected to know about those things.

You will also be living in a world that still has measles, chicken pox, mumps, polio, German measles and scarlet fever so there is a good chance one of your children may have a disability such as deafness and blindness, if you get any of the above while pregnant there is a very good chance your child will have a disability. Oh and there is no mainstreaming for disabled kids. Iron lungs can’t go to school. They have to be homeschooled but then you should be at home with your kids anyway.

Like the 1950s/1960s?

Women’s body parts are biologically female and were in plain sight Saturday

One of the things I loved about the March and the signs was that a lot of the Trans definitions of womanhood got thrown right under the bus. Everywhere you looked there were drawings and paintings of women’s body parts. The parts men do not have. There was none of the Penises are female crap anywhere to be seen. There were uteri, ovaries and fallopian tubes painted on shirts, signs and women’s faces. Dykes were out and seen and could not be erased. Women could not be erased.

It was safe to be. You didn’t have to worry about creepy glances in the station and sometimes I have been in that station and on those early trains and have worried about my safety. Anyone trying that in that crowd would have not gotten away with it at all. And that was with absolutely no personal space available. I felt safe and that doesn’t happen very often in public.

What a lot of people who call themselves Pro-Life don’t get is that Pro-Choice people are Pro-Life, we’re for having the right to choose whether our lives matter too.

The Handmaid’s Tale signs do scare the bejeebus out of me because it would be all too easy to try to get away with in some states right now.

The best part was that every woman there was making clear that pussies belong to women. I’m sorry but the men in pussy hats just cracked me up. Men wearing pudenda just is inherently funny to me. There was a male Buddhist monk wearing one in the crowd on his shaven head. How is that not funny?

People had really gotten creative when they couldn’t knit too. There were a lot of pink fleece and felt ones besides knitted ones and every colour of pink and I saw a few strategic purple ones too. Nice to see other “family” out in the crowd.

There is a knitting shop down the block from our apt and I hate knitting but I’d love to learn to crochet. Maybe they can teach me to crochet a pussy hat for the next March. They are talking about an International Women’s Day March here. I’m game.

Reproductive freedom was everywhere you turned. Since men can’t get pregnant none one was worrying about their feelings on women and their bodies. It was awfully refreshing.

Adventures at the Women’s March or at least what I saw of it.

Saturday was a bit of an adventure for me and I never even got to the Women’s March. I had planned on getting to the train about 7:45 but even that I’m afraid would have been too late. I headed out around 8:15 and quickly ended up in traffic which never happens on a Saturday morning on our street, Does not happen, ever! And the closer I got to the Red Line terminal the worse it got so I turned and went an parked at the Ralph’s ¾ of a mile away and walked with my cane.

My thought at the time was that the friends I was supposed to meet could drop me at my car later. So I got to the station and it was a sea of humanity at 8:30 am and the March was officially until 11 am. If I hadn’t already had my Tap card I never would have made it in and down the escalator which was not running. I like to ride in the first car because the lines to get in the door are usually shorter, so I pushed my way down to that end of the platform.

Every train that came into the station was already full because people were getting on trains farther up to ride to our station for the turnaround because all the trains were already full. It took them over an hour until 9:37 am for them to send an extra long empty train and by then I had been standing that too long

It was great. Every one was happy and singing and chanting, granted it was things like “Not My President!” and singing “God Bless America’, lot of guitars present. But people were excited and sharing their signs and making sure the tons of kids present were safe and not getting too near the edges of the platform.

One man told me he thought that if the crowd had been Trump supporters someone would have been shoved on the tracks by now. I loved the men in the Rebel Alliance shirts in large groups of women that were their family members. Usually with a little girl on their shoulders. There were so many little girls with signs they had made themselves and were quite happy to share what their sign meant and why it was important. Made me a proud former Girl Scout leader to see these tiny women.

You know it’s a Women’s March when that much love and glitter is being spread around.

I had been adopted by some women by the time the train finally arrived that we could get on and people made sure I and some other more fragile people could get on. I ended up standing and by the time we got to the third station I must not have looked well. There was nowhere to sit and people were crammed in there like a Japanese subway train and it was hot and getting hotter.

People were telling why they were there and there women saying they had been there before and we could do it again. One gentleman and his wife and been Freedom Marchers and had walked with Dr King. There were people of every colour and ethnicity. There were tattooed kids next to soccer moms next to people like me with walkers and canes and in wheelchairs. There were well dressed people and there were people who weren’t and there were some bewildered people trying to get to work.

You could hardly breathe and a woman asked if I was okay and I wasn’t I was really hot but I was not going to go down without a fight but somehow people got me to a seat that magically appeared because there was absolutely no room. By then I must have looked awful because everyone was asking if I was okay and I started to feel faint. I used to faint a lot as a kid but I haven’t in years but I knew I was in trouble when the black sparkly tunnel appeared so I mentioned I felt faint.

You know it’s a crowd of women not men when you say something like that. Next thing I knew my head was shoved between my knees and about 6 water bottles came at me but since I was afraid I was going to be sick I couldn’t take them. There was no room to be sick. So someone asked me what I needed and I told them I thought getting off at the next stop was my only option. A group of women got me off the train and onto the train across the station going back. They risked losing their places on the train that were so hard to get to take care of me. I am so amazingly grateful to have been in their presence. Just WoW! They did not have to do that and they did.

I ended up sitting at the station when it got back until I felt well enough to walk all the way back to the car. I did have to stop a few times before I got there but I made it and then got home. So I never got the March but being in that crowd and with all those wonderful women was worth everything.

I’m going to make it next time and I’m eternally grateful to have been among and with those women!