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Gaia’s sense of humour needs some work

One of the fun things about the wildlife refuge on Saturday that for once most of the birds seemed to be posing. The grackles let us get within about 2 feet of them and the same with the egrets. I was also with 10 feet of a Great Blue Heron who was more interested in watching a fish than in watching me.

The Canadian Geese just opened a sleepy eye at me when I was taking their picture. My sister kept telling them we weren’t going to hurt them and I was within a foot of them at one point.

Talk about irony, I finally get a decent zoom lens and I barely had to use it except for the shots of the bird island. Gaia has a strange sense of humour.

Now if I can just get Myrtle and Ed to pose I’ll be happy.

Out playing

Last night my brain decided to have some recreational fun and I dreamed I had to fly a Cessna 150 to rescue Marie Antoinette and her pal Louis.  Now I don’t fly and I have no idea if there is such a plane as a Cessna 150 so it was an interesting night.

Today we spent the day at the Sepulveda Wildlife Refuge. The Army Corp of Rat Bastard Engineers really laid a path of destruction out there. It’s mating season and there wasn’t a single ground squirrel or bunny. Absolutely heart breaking.

There were lots of birds and I had fun breaking in my new camera. I’m still not happy with the colour saturation but I hope that will come. I love the tracking focus feature and got a couple of great pics of birds in motion and we discovered that what we thought were rocks on bird island were really tons of huge turtles. I’m going to love the 23x zoom feature too