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A prayer for tolerance

Lady Mother

It’s one of those days where my temper is on the rise

Please grant me enough tolerance to get through the day

Tolerance of other’s foibles

Tolerance of other’s priorities

Tolerance of other’s lack of common sense

Tolerance of laziness

Tolerance of my own lacks

Tolerance for my body’s not being young anymore

Tolerance for general stupidity

Tolerance to know that other people

Do not think outside their own values and expectations

Tolerance in general so I do not the desire to bring the Thor’s hammer, Hecate’s spindle or Taranis’s lightning down on the heads of alleged innocents (but I have my doubts) or have the urge to bite said irritants

Let me be more like Brighid, Quan Yin or the Green Man.

Let me be a healing presence

Let me be a calm presence

Let me breathe

Let me breathe

Let me breathe