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We thank you for rain

Thank you, Lady Mother

For the rain so sweet

Thank you for the coolness of the wet

The rain brings relief from unrelenting heat

Let us revel in the blessings of water

Let each blessed drop nourish our souls

Our plants

Our animals

Let it reach deep into your earth to be stored

Let it fall on the fires and quench them

Let it bring rest to the weary

Who’ve been unable to sleep

We thank you for the fresh smelling richness of rain

We thank you for the sounds of rain hitting roof and leaves

We thank you for the refreshment of rain touching skin

We thank you for rain

Lammas grace

I grew up singing this grace on church choir family retreats every year. It was ‘our’ grace that never got sung any where else. I think it’s a perfect grace for Lammas so I made the slide. The tune is the hymn tune “We Gather Together “.


And it reminds me to go out to Tapia Farms store and buy fresh corn and take more pictures. 🙂


For a over year I’ve blogged here and I have thought that every person that visited was a blessing.

I’m trying hard to get back to that place and regain my sense of humour about it.

And for the most part I still think every person who visits is a blessing. Thank you.


You have no idea what those blogging awards mean in the midst of a dark week. I’ve been without a permanent job for 4 years because I was laid off. I’ve only been able to get temp jobs because even though I always leave the assignments with great reviews the 2 that would have hired me went and hired someone younger instead. At the assignment I’m on now I actually asked early on if I was going to be hired and the boss said she thought so and then we got a new VP. And the term cost cutting began to be thrown around.

This week they are giving us jobs that require no brain and the assignments we normally do have been farmed out to a different office. I found out this by accident when a broker that I had helped a few months ago asked for me and I had to get the assignment back from the other person who had it even though my name is on it. We are being told there is no work but if you go into the system there is a ton of work and it’s not being given to us.

As a temp that’s a really bad sign. There are 13 temps in this dept and we were told in the beginning we would at the very least stay a year. I’ve been here 5 months. Some of the temps have already been here almost that long. That is the limit the company will keep you without hiring you.

And it’s a Mercury retrograde which always messing things up royally for Air signs like me. I’m a double Gemini. Everyone is running around here making furtive phone calls to their temp handlers asking for work. I flat out asked the supervisor that assigns the work if we were being let go and she looked fake shocked at me and said, of course not. Not believing her in the slightest especially when they had a permanent staff only meeting yesterday and they are not being to outgoing to us all of a sudden. My fear level is skyrocketing and paranoia is licking at my heels. Is it too late for people over 55 with college degrees? Am I really that redundant?

So, to have people nominated me for Most Inspiring Blog, you gave me a good boost. Thank you for that.