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Blessings on St Lucy’s Day!

May your candles be lit in joy.

May you have the sweetness of life on your lips

May your life be full of light in the dark of winter

May you have friends to share the light with

May you find the evergreen within yourself and be able to share it with others

May you be ready for light to return to the world

May the Tomtes protect you from evil and mistfortune

May the Yule goat Bring you what you need and what would bless you this Yule.

May you look forward to the light’s return as well as blessing the restful and pregnant dark.

Happy St Lucy Day














May your day be full of bright light on your soul. May you have all the sweets you desire in measure. May you have a warming drink of your choice. (milk or coffee if you are Swedish).
May you radiate the light to others.