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You lived long and prospered, farewell, Mr Spock

I’m old enough to have watched Star Trek when it debuted on network TV and my parents allowed us to watch anything science fiction. I was immediately enamoured of Mr Spock. He didn’t suffer fools gladly and he seemed to be the voice of reason when things went weekly down the toilet in that week’s crisis. I loved his calmness and his wisdom and I saw a kindred spirit in that stoic Vulcan.

All the subsequent series had a character that would be based on Spock’s template whether it was Data or Odo or Seven of Nine.

Leonard Nimoy was probably one of the reasons one of my children’s book characters is named Leonardo that and the other Leonardo, Da Vinci.

No human can live forever but at 83 he did love long and prosper. Ex Astris, Scientia, Mr Spock