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Highly intelligent people do not always have Aspergers

I’m a little angry this morning and it has to do with two things. We watched the British series Sherlock this weekend and this article on 10 signs of Aspergers and the assumption being made is that smart people who do not suffer fools gladly = Aspergers. I don’t think it does. I think it’s society’s way of labeling smart people as freaks.


I suppose it makes me mad because as a child I fit every one of the 10 signs and I don’t think I have Aspergers. I didn’t make friends because quite frankly, I didn’t want to. When I hit school I had a disability, I was blind in one eye and the teasing started immediately. I knew how to read and read well. I had a teacher announce to the class when I was in 3rd grade that I was reading at 10th grade level. Yeah, that makes you friends. Normal children are stupid and cruel and if you are halfway intelligent or observant you figure out that fact quickly and learn they aren’t worth associating with. I didn’t find peers until I was in college and then I blossomed. So labeling smart kids as Aspergers is handicapping them further. There is nothing wrong with them except that they are smarter than the children they are forced to associate with.


Smart kids also don’t necessarily have a child’s sense of humour. I didn’t. What passes for kid humour is often cruel and makes fun of people and as far as smart kids having no empathy it’s just the opposite. We feel everything and making fun of people and 3 Stooges humour is not funny. It’s just cruel. Puns and complex word play is funny not tripping someone in the hall or a jackass stunt. That just shows how stupid you are.


We’re the kids who read a book a day from the library. We sit in the front and talk to the teacher if we feel we have something of worth to share. We will stare you down when an adult says something condescending to us. And trust me adults do that to smart kids all the time because stupid adults are worse than children. As a smart kid you expect adults to be smart and when they aren’t you find out you can  mess with them which may be the only amusement you are going to get out of anything that day so when some idiot adult asks you when you are 6 if you have to go tinkle or wee wee and answer, no, you have to urinate or deficate, it’s fun to watch their face. So what if they label you odd, they already think that and you are well aware of that.


I was well aware even when I was blind of getting people to look me in the eye. When you are half blind people don’t want to look at you because they don’t know where to look so it’s a source of amusement to make them look at you because they don’t want to do it. It makes them uncomfortable. So you make them look you in the eye and you dare then mentally to ask you which eye you are looking at them with because it’s so damn obvious and they are stupid.


Yes, I was uncoordinated. I couldn’t even see where the ball is coming from in a dodge ball game. And if you are intelligent you often find that they people who are best at games aren’t good at anything else but being stupid. They don’t read and they have no critical thinking skills so they aren’t worth bothering with. It’s why all criminal masterminds in the comics or television are smart.


I have incredible fine motor skills, I play several instruments. I used to make models, I do silver smithing and beadwork. I can do almost anything I choose to do and I’ve been able to do fine motors skill tasks since I was small. I could focus my microscope from the moment I got it for Christmas when I was six and I could draw and write with a pen not a fat crayon which are incredible annoying when people give them to you.


I was labeled hyperactive in first grade and they tried medication. Nope just bored in a class that is learning to read Dick and Jane when I’d rather have been reading a real book like the Oz books. When I changed school systems in fifth grade they pulled me out of class for 5 days straight and gave me different intelligence tests and then would walk out the tiny room we were in with weird looks on their faces. Five days in a row in a tiny room with one adult who only gives you instructions and then leaves can make any one a little testy especially since not once did they tell me why. Didn’t take much thinking to figure it out. Paper tests, tests with boards and pegs, word games, logic problems, pattern recognition and they never ever told my parents that they were doing it. They only think they said to me when I it was done was that I was not working up to my potential. Uh bored? In a school that was teaching the water cycle in 5th grade that I had learned about in 1st grade science class and in reading my How and Why books? Goddess knows what they would label me now if I was in school.


So back to SherlockHolmes, he’s smart, educated on a wide variety of subjects because he is a curious person. He hates being bored and wants to be mentally challenged. He’s rude to people he considers willfully stupid. He obviously does have fine motor skills, he plays the violin. He observes everything so automatically he must have Aspergers? That is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  He doesn’t have Aaspergers, he’s just more intelligent than the so called “normal” people.