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Imbloq doesn’t mean Ewe’s milk either

These are the Scots Gaelic words for Ewe or female sheep. None of these will combine with bolg to form the word Imbolq. So yet again Imbolc does not mean “In the belly” , It does not mean ewe’s milk. See my last rant: https://elfkat.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/imbolc-does-not-mean-in-the-belly/

You are much better referring to it by its correct name La’ Fheill Bride’ or Latha Fheil Bride’ depending on whether it’s Scots or Irish or An Fhéill-Brìde. Or better yet call it “Candlemas if you aren’t either.

Notice I have included all the Gaelic for milk at the bottom. Sheep’s milk is bainne chaorach, sheep’s milk because as far as I know the wether’s or male sheep do not give milk.If you know something different on that please contact Ripley’s Believe it or not.

Per Dwelly’s Scottish Gaelic Dictionary – Here is the online link if you don’t want to buy the doorstop version of the dictionary: http://www.cairnwater.co.uk/gaelicdictionary/index.aspx?Language=en

muilichdeann neighbourhood of L.Eweformuinichill.
caora-bheanach sf(AF) Ewe.
ath-dhìonag (CR) sfShear ewe, maiden ewe, twinter.
ribhinn-chrò (AF) sfBarren ewe.
oladh (AK) s.Sucking ewe.
seathaid sfSucking ewe.
fiar-óthaisg sfYear old ewe.
sgrog (AF) sfOld cow or ewe. 2†† Shrivelled person.
crogais -e, -ean, sfBarren winter ewe, three shear eweLewis.
óthaisg -e, -ean, sfSheep, one year old ewe, dry ewe, ewe teg. 2** in derision,Bashful person, simpleton. 3* Soft, lubberly person.
deat -a, pl.deathaid, sm & fUnshorn year old ewe orwether. Cosmhail ri deat, like an unfleeced year old sheep.
crog -a, pl.-achan & -aichean, sfAged or effete ewe, sheep past bearing. 2 Three winter ewe. 3 Draft ewe, draft gimmer.
ciora -an, [pl. ciorachan — Lewis]sfPet lamb. 2 Sheep that feeds with cows. 3 Cud chewer. 4 Ewe-teg.
plumach (DU) a.Black and deep. Lochan Plumach MhicLeòid — the name of a small deep lake on the south side of Loch Ewe.
sgrogag -aig, -an, sfAnything shrivelled and contemptible. 2 Little old woman. 3 Useless old timber. 4 Stunted growing timber. 5** Oath. 6(AF) Old cow or ewe. 7†† Little horn. 8(CR) Crumpled horn — W.of Ross-shire.9(CR) Mythical aquatic animal — Skye.10(DU) Drinking-horn. Làn na sgrogaig, a hornful (of liquor);béist na sgrogaig, the unicorn in armorial bearings.
ceò gen ceò & ceòtha, pl.ceòtha, smMist, vapour, fog. 2* Amazement. 3** rarelyMilk. 4(DU), Smoke of a fire, the word always heard round LochEwe. Ceò an teas dhen chuan, heat-mist from the sea; ceò an fhuachd dhen bheinn, cold-mist from the hill.Ceò is feminine in Harris etc.Chaidh e ‘na cheò, he got quite amazed; Gall ‘na cheò,Gallamazed (lit.in his mist); ceò teas,vapour, steam;an ceò a dh’fhàgas an seann solas, ‘s e sneachd no gaoth a sgapas e, the mist left by the old moon will be cleared away by wind or snow;sléibhtean ceò air an lear, mountains of mist on the sea.
bainne sm Milk, milky juice. †2 see boinne. Bó-bhainne, a milch-cow; crodh-bhainne, milch-cattle; càmhail-bhainne, milch-camels.
bainne asal, asses’ milk.
bainne blàth, warm or fresh milk.
bainne binntichte, curdled milk.
bainne briste, curdled milk.
bainne buaile, fold-milk.
bainne buidhe, milk yielded by a cow during first two days after calving.
bainne chapall, mare’s milk, kumiss.
bainne cnàmha, fermentation of fresh and buttermilk, frothed with the loinid or frothingstick.
bainne chaorach, sheep’s milk.
bainne gamhnich, milk of a farrow cow (one with a year-old calf and still being milked). See also below.
bainne ghobhar, goat’s milk.
bainne goirt, sour milk 2 Buttermilk — Argyll etc (better blàthaich).
bainne lom, skimmed milk.
bainne maistridh, whipped cream or milk, frothed with the loinid.
bainne milis, sweet milk.
bainne muidhe, ** buttermilk.
bainne na cìche, milk of the breast.
bainne na cìpe, the milky juice of the mountain herb.
bainne nòis, beastings.
bainne reamhar, ‡‡ sheep’s milk boiled and curdled 2(AF) Unskimmed, literally “fat milk”.
bainne tàig, (for boinne tàig) raindrop.
bainne ùr, fresh milk.