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They made us take the Myers- Briggs, Keirsey Bates whatever testing at work again


It’s never a surprise, I’m still an INTJ. A little lighter on the J than I used to be but I think that eases with age. Reality sets in and you finally deal with the fact that most other people do not see time and decisions as you do as illogical as that can be.

And as rare as an INTJ is alleged to be the older you get the more you find you have surrounded yourself with others of like mind or if they aren’t NTs they are at least NF because the S’s of any sort can make you buggy and ESs really drive you around the bend.

Last weekend at camp made me realize that. ESs are like dealing with Winnie the Poohs Tigger all the time and it’s exhausting and annoying.

I will always prefer the thinkers and dreamers of the world.