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To my friends who voted for Trump

To my friends who voted for Trump for any reason you can rationalize:

It doesn’t matter why you voted for him to me

To me what matters is that you voted to hate me personally.

You voted that way and you knew I was gay and that people I love are gay

And you voted for the guy who believes you can electrocute gay people to change them

You voted knowing I was pagan and that I love other pagan people

And yet you voted for the alleged Christian candidate

Who wouldn’t know Jesus if he stood before him

You voted knowing I need access to healthcare

You voted to deny it to me

You voted knowing I’m a woman

A woman who has been molested as a child

by an adult

And you voted for someone who is accused of child rape and the guy with him was already convicted

You voted knowing all women have been street harassed

Harassed at school or on the job

And you voted for the guy who bragged about how he can do it with no penalty

I know you know people of colour or who have people of colour that we all love

And you voted for a white supremacist

You voted for the politics of hate

And you are making me hate you

And I never thought I would





This should not happen but it is

I never wanted to have to write this and maybe I have no right because I’m white, whiter than white, Glow in the dark white but people I love are of colour and people I love have kids that are biracial and I love them  or have spouses of colour that I love but I will because sometimes you have to say something even when you feel powerless against the machine.

I know I’m pretty safe and privileged by nature and the luck of the skin I was born into. But I live in fear every time I hear of a shooting of a POC that was just living their every day life when a police officer decided they needed killing.

I hope it’s not D’s kids or Miss M’s husband or kids. I hope it’s not someone from Temple of Isis. I hope it’s not someone from work or someone I ride the bus with and chat with.

But it’s someone else’s loved one. Someone is at home hurting because some stupid macho cop decided they were imaginarily frightened of someone sitting in a car or just standing talking to friends and decided shooting someone was a good idea.

I know cops, some are friends and every single one of them gets “cop attitude”male or female. Every one is out to get them so they have to act first. Guess what you don’t. Some times you might want to be observant. Some time you might actually want to talk to someone first?

People are not naturally guilty because of their skin colour. That is wrong and it will always be wrong.

We shouldn’t have had to be terrified when Mark decided to drive all night through most of California to Oregon to be with Mary, his Super Mom before she died. But we were, we didn’t say it much but all of us were ready to threaten his lifetime for doing and overwhelmingly glad when he arrived safely.

We shouldn’t have to worry when other people’s kids go out to have a good time, will they come home?

I know how it got this way and it was wrong and I know it isn’t going to go away any time soon.

But it needs to stop. It needs to stop now. And I feel powerless to stop it except that I vow never to vote for any one even slightly racist and to stand up to people who say hateful things online and in person, like I already do.

Several of my ancestors were abolitionists and it cost them. If they could fight for what’s right I can too even if there is a cost.

Sometimes the dream of living in a world that loves each other seems impossible and ridiculous but that is my dream.