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Pagan Authors

Known pagan authors and genre
Diana Paxson – Former COG president, FOI
Kevin Hearne- Iron Druid Series
Penny Billington – OBOD
Laurel K Hamilton
Yasmine Galenorn
M.R. Sellars
Morgan Daimler
Ellen Everett Hopman- FOI
Patricia Kennealy Morrison
Dion Fortune
Rosemary Edgehill
Mercedes Lackey
Deborah Blake
Mindy Klasky ? Cupcake Tarot?
Michael Munz
Caitlin Matthews
John Matthews
Silver Ravenwolf
Alice Walker
Philip Carr Gomm
Kevan Manwaring
Gail Nyoka FOI
Ann Finnin
Barbara Ardinger
Kathryn Hinds
Octavia Randolph
Fritz Leiber

Authors who may be pagan or pagan leaning/friendly friendly
Josepha Sherman
Marion Zimmer Bradley (was but at death converted)
Ru Emerson
Gael Baudino was Wiccan now Quaker
Annie Bellet
Ursula Le Guin
Michael Munz
Lauren Quick
Peter Beresford Ellis
Leighann Dobbs (collaborates with known pagans
Katherine Kurtz (Gardenerian for 10 years)
Authors who are pagan friendly but not pagan
Terry Pratchett
Kate Richardson
Cate Tiernan
Kim Harrison
Susan Wittig Albert
Kelley Armstrong
Ilona Andrews
Jim Butcher
Patricia Briggs
Rachel Caine
Charlaine Harris
Juliet Blackwell?
Heather Weber
Madeline Alt
Barbara Annino
Elizabeth Reeves
Debora Geary
Amanda M Lee
Hope Welch
Dani Corlee
Dolores Stewart Riccio
Nora Roberts
Alice Hoffman
Lanie Jordan
JD Horn
Neil Gaiman
Octavia Butler?
Deborah Harkness

Not Pagan and way off, bloody terrible
Rochelle Staab – the worst
Kami Garcia


2017 Witchy reading challenge so far

2017 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

ge”>2017 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

Initiate: Read 1 – 5 Witchy Books
Maiden: Read 6 – 10 Witchy Books
Mother: Read 11 – 15 Witchy Books
Crone: Read 16 – 20 Witchy Books

First two books are done. I think I’m driving myself crazy to do this paper on allegedly pagan literature for the Pagan Studies Conference at Claremont because I’m finding most things aren’t pagan and they really don’t qualify as literature.

If you know of any good pagan fiction authors other than the ones I have already confirmed, let me know in the comments.

Most are self identified or I know them

Diana Paxson – Former COG president

Kevin Hearne- OBOD – Iron Druid Series

Penny Billington – OBOD, Druid Detective series

Laurel K Hamilton

Yasmine Galenorn


M.R. Sellars

Morgan Daimler

Ellen Everett Hopman- FOI (Fellowship of Isis)

Patricia Kennealy Morrison – Keltiad series

Dion Fortune

Rosemary Edgehill

Cate Tiernan

Mercedes Lackey

Deborah Blake

Mindy Klasky ? Cupcake Tarot?

Michael Munz

Caitlin Matthews FOI

John Matthews FOI

Silver Ravenwolf

Alice Walker

Philip Carr Gomm OBOD

Kevan Manwaring OBOD

Gail Nyoka

Ann Finnin – Roebuck

Barbara Ardinger – FOI

Day 2 of the Current Pagan Studies Conference

Day 2 started out much quieter except that it was my presentation day and because I had been up so early the day before and out late at dinner I was a little loopy to begin with when Tagh and Beth picked me up at the late hour (compared to the day before) of 7:45am.

The opening session was Kimberly Kirner -“ Environmental Paganisms: Affect and Action in Right Relationships to the Earth” and it pointed out how many pagans profess to love the Earth but then don’t take any action like recycling and that they have a disconnect between the talk and the walk.
Next was Wendy Griffin and “Crafting a Voice in the darkness” about climate change and Paganism followed by Francesca C Howell – “The Other than Human and the Dark: A Pagan Deep Ecological View. The three papers complemented each other well but my panel was up next and my brain was hopping around like a jumping bean on Olvera Street.

My paper was supposed to be “Fading of the Light – the disappearance of Goddess only and women only ritual space over the last 30years in LA” And I started the research and did the questionaires as well as having all the data from my surveys on Lesbophobia last year.

The Goddess and in particular Hecate had other plans. About a month ago I found out I may have cancer and I’m waiting for the testing but the Dr is pretty sure I have something evil growing. Also I seem to have always had some relationship to Death over my life. So the paper became Facing the Dark – Pagans and terminal illness” This got way more personal than I intended but I have always known that the Goddess laughs whenever I have plans. If I’m here next year maybe I can expand it since I was a bit crunched for time by the time I had to do it and there really isn’t anything directed at the person with the disease. Most writings are external about how you deal with others impending death not how you prepare to face your own. And I did find some interesting things. People said that it had no effect on their spirituality and then proceeded to tell me how they were living differently. That people, is a disconnect, how you live IS your spirituality. By the time I had to get up and present I was pacing like a tiger in a too small cage.

I felt like I was going up there in my underwear and it had holes in it. I lit my Brighid candle for inspiration and courage and had BunniHoTep up on the lectern with me but when you give a paper you are pretty much alone. A lot of what I said got way more detailed than I had been going to say but I did ask for inspiration so I supposed I got what I asked for. It seemed to go well and I presented my statistics and the eternal 20 minutes were soon over and my brain had the consistency of oatmeal.

I’m afraid my brain checked out for most of my ex J’s presentation with Joe Greene on Finding the seeds grow in the darkness: Using the Tarot as a tool for healing in dark times. I’m sure it was wonderful but as I said, my brain had turned to mush always entertaining when you are about to have a Q&A on your topic at the end of the panel. EEEeeeeeeee!

I was starting to come to after lunch which being allergic to tomatoes and it was pizza meant I had to chocolate chip cookies and some crackers and nuts I brought. Usually I bring my lunch knowing that Sunday is always pizza but I couldn’t get to the store at the time I got home the night before.

Orion was fantastic, and he didn’t give the talk he was scheduled to do. I had never heard or met him before and it was rather like being in ritual more than a talk. It’s always cool to meet someone else raised in family magical traditions. They have a more organic approach to it for lack of a better term. Less thinking and obsessing and more flow to it. He shared some charms and chants and a lot of wisdom about the Faery Tradition. I know he has worked with RJ Stewart too and I’ve taken his classes too so it was very comfortable but challenging.

The last session was Lauren Raine, Endarkenment: The Dark Goddess in Contemporary Thought and Art and the last was Alfred Surenyan – Music for the Dark Mysteries of Paganism. I only heard parts of both and what I heard was great but I had to go outside and commune with a tree and I ended up talking to Orion who was out in the garden too. I was way overloaded with sensory input by then and just needed to ground so a very accommodating jacaranda tree and a rosemary bush let me.

I can only take so much high powered or emotional energy before something blows so I really needed to hug that tree. Some folks need smoking breaks, I need time out with a tree or the wind. And now that I’m old enough not to care what the other grown ups think, I’m not shy about doing it. One of the best things about being an old fart, err… crone.

But it was a great weekend and my head is still churning with ideas and needs to settle down and take care of business. Good thing I did my taxes last week because this week I’m in processing overload. If you ever get a chance to attend the Current Pagan Studies Conference, do it! You will learn a lot. And should you decide to present, all the better.

Day 2 of Pagan Studies Conference


Jeffrey Albaugh


Kahena,Jeffrey and William Blumberg


Kimberly Kirner


Wendy Griffin


Francesca C. Howell


Eeep! Me looking very up tight


Joseph Greene, and Joan De Artemis


Joan De Artemis


Joseph H Greene


Orion Foxwood


Orion Foxwood


Lauren Raine


Alfred Surenyan


Orion and Vivianne


Adventures at the Current Pagan Studies Conference – Day 1

Had a great time this weekend after a totally Mercury Retrograde beginning. The conference was supposed to start at 8am with registration and pastries and I had planned on taking the 9 am train which I realized in the middle of the night as the designated photographer for the conference was not going to work so I got my phone out to look up the earlier train. It left Union station at 6:09am so I reset my alarm so I would be walking to the bus at 4:30 since I would have to take the Orange line to the Red line to Union station to catch the Metrolink. Sooo not happy since I loves me my sleep and I was still behind from the weekend before. And then the Santa Anas kicked up. It blew hard all night and that doesn’t make for restful sleep even if you love the wind like I do. So I got up at Ohh dark hundred and walked to the bus. I was almost there when I heard a sound above me and some instinct or old memory kept me in place when a huge palm frond dropped right in front of me and when I say right in front of me I mean about 6 inches. For those who have never seen one up close they are anywhere from 6-8 feet long and depending on how raggedy they are when they fall up to a foot and a half wide and are very woody in the stem. If that had hit me on the head I would have lain in the dark for hours at best unconscious. They are heavy nasty buggers. While waiting for the bus and not seeing anyone from the time I started, a man arrived in the station platform and kept moving closer to mean when a guy from Metro arrived and started cleaning the schedule cabinets, the man moved back down the platform away from me. The bus came and I got on the waiting Red Line train and I’m the only woman on the train and then another woman got on and it became readily apparent that she had some mental issues since she started proclaiming she was the Black Jesus which then changed to she was the Black Devil and was going to kill all the white people. Not feeling safe about then and then she started saying all black basketball players were robots and that she was going to kill them too but it wasn’t really killing since they were robots and it went downhill from there with kicking and occasional screaming and clapping. I was working very hard on my “you don’t see me or if you do I’m harmless” spell until we got to Union station and got a little turned around trying to find a Metrolink ticket machine. Found one and boarded the correct train. I and another woman were the only ones in our train car and we got to watch sunrise heading east to Claremont. I didn’t think that the train station was that far from the school but it was but I managed to get an enormous chocolate croissant and some milk on the way and got there on time to the university. Thank heavens, that was the last time Mercury messed with me pretty much all weekend. As a double Gemini, sun and moon, Mercury often really screws up my life in very sneaky and nasty ways. Damn little flying monkey!

Once I got there it was all good. It’s fun to greet old friends and meet new ones and Pagan scholars are always stimulating and exciting to talk to, especially since very few are new to the community and you speak the same language.

First up was Kahena and her presentation called “Oh Sweet Darkness” on why we need the dark as pagans. The other presenter didn’t make it because the weather back east was already starting to wreck havoc on some of the presenters.

The 2nd Panel was Sabina Magliocco on Sacrifice and Modern Paganism, Jeffrey Albaugh on “Cultural Complexes and Individualism with American Contemporary Paganism” and the 3rd was Murtagh an Doile on “For as Summer follows Winter – Cycles of Darkness and Light in the Pagan and Magical movements in the last 100 years” All were great and dovetailed together nicely but led to some frustration on each succeeding presenter since they tended to overlap and poor Jeffrey and Tagh had to try not to repeat what Sabina had already said since all were tackling the changes over the years in the community. This led to a very lively Q & A for the panel after their presentation and we were off to the races for the weekend because all were very lively after that especially since there was caffeine and sugar readily available on the back table and I have noticed over the years that Pagan Scholars run on caffeine and sugar.

Then lunch time arrived and the networking started on steroids which led in Vivianne Crowley’s keynote speech for Saturday. I was excited to meet her because she is a member of Fellowship of Isis and we had a nice contingent of FOI members attending. Her speech was ”Stepping out of the shadows and into the light – Evolution and tensions in the future of comtemporary Pagan Witchcraft.” And it tied nicely to the papers presented before it. It talked about integrating the dark and light into our practice and that we need to seek balance and not lean too far in either direction and her observations about that right now in the community.

The first session in the afternoon we had another no-show and Aine Andersdottir spoke about ancient mathematical systems among ancient pagan cultures such as the Dogon in sub Saharan Africa. I was totally fascinated with the number systems and how they fit into their cosmology.

And the last session was M. Macha Nightmare on the “Cailleach, the Cumaen Sybil and the Pythia, Voices from the Underground” which was an exploration of goddesses often associated with caves and the underground the other one in that session was a presentation on Sheels na Gigs called “ Sheela na gig, Dark Goddess of Europe”.

And we ended the day with a ritual conducted be Vivianne and Orion Foxwood that was pure magic and very beautiful. And as usual for ritual difficult to pin down as to what was magical but you just know it was.

Some of us went out to dinner after wards at a Morroccan restaurant and good sharing was going on all around the table and a lot of fun. Somehow I managed to lose my lens cap which went rolling away into the darkness. Another joke from Mercury to end the day. I found out in the process of the day that Tagh and Elizabeth Rose , whom I adore live a block away from me so I had a ride home and a ride the next day. I knew they lived somewhere in the Valley but to be so close and not know it was really ridiculous but for some reason the gods thought I needed a travel adventure to start my weekend. When I finally got home that night I fell into bed unconscious until my alarm went off the next morning. Thanks to the powers that I remembered to reset it so Iit didn’t go off at 3:30 instead of the more reasonable Sunday morning hour of 6:15am.

Still looking for survey respondents


This survey is for my Pagan Studies Paper and is open to Pagans who are dealing with diseases or conditions that have terminal outcomes. Things like cancer, ALS, MS, Crohn’s disease and other illnesses. I’m interested in how your diagnosis has changed your spiritual focus and practice. All the books and things I’ve seen deal with how do you deal with grief of a person that dies and there is nothing about how we LIVE with the diagnosis. How do we as pagans face the dark?

I’m interested because I have people I love who have dealt with this and who are currently dealing with this and because I am currently staring down the barrel of such a diagnosis. In other words, I have a vested interest.

Please pass asap if you can to some one who might be interested in participating.


Pagan Studies Conference Survey – Please pass to any pagan that might qualify

So here is the link to the survey for my paper: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PZKPFHL

Please pass it to any pagan you know that might want to participate. The focus is on pagans dealing with potentially fatal conditions of any sort, like cancer, ALS, Neuro-muscular diseases, Crohn’s disease or any other problem.

It’s anonymous and data will be treated respectully and only used for study purposes. I’m doing this because there are all kinds of papers on handling grief as pagans or after death but none that I could see about Living! as a pagan with disease