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Druids, and this pagan’s hair

I have long hair which usually would seem an enormous anomaly for someone who calls herself a dyke and a fairly butch lesbian but it isn’t. For one thing I have exceptionally fine but thick hair that will not behave when it’s short and now that is going gray, it’s even worse. If I cut my hair now I would resemble Albert Einstein or a dandelion. Because the silly stuff is fine, it floats with very little provocation and I find this really annoying and I have no desire to look like something one blows the fluff off to make a wish.

And it has caused me problems like when they had a new bouncer at our favourite dyke bar who stopped me at the door and wanted to know if I knew what kind of establishment it was. My answer was please get out of my way, my girlfriend is waiting. She looked embarrassed and moved.

Long hair takes a lot less fuss then short hair. I can braid it and go and on special occasions I will do things like decorate the braids. I haven’t done it lately except this morning’s gay pride display but I have done it for things like my ordination or for rituals or faire. I used to make a lot of jewelry and I need to get back to it but one of the things I used to make were strings of stones and beads to wind into my braids but they were all for specific purposes. I have one for grounding and one for not grounding. I have them in elemental colours and for other specific things like healing or to certain deities.

I can’t cover my head for long. I love hats and scarves but I can only wear them for short period of time. I find I can’t cover my crown chakra or my third eye without going a bit buggy. Covering my head drives me nuts so these strings are my solution.

The one below was my ordination string and also I have on my ordination crown. To be ordained in FOI you must have a crown, a wand and a stole. To be ordained as an Arch Druid you have to have a crown, a staff and a lunula. I made my crown of silver wire and crystal and Fimo. The Fimo parts are emblems of the deities I was being ordained to so there is a lotus for Quan Yin, a flame for Brighid, a raven for Hecate and a Green Man. There was also a crystal owl in the front as my totem animal. The string is mostly leaves and totem animals like snakes and green and white beads.

So while I can’t stand the idea of covering my head, I can decorate it for special occasions, even dykes can want to feel pretty sometimes.

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This was my hair at my FOI Priestess ordination 13 years ago




As part of your ordination in FOI, you have to have a crown, a stole and a wand. So I made my crown out of silver wire and the diety symbols I was being ordained to out of Fimo. So there is a raven for Hecate, a Green Man, a flame for Brighid and a lotus for Quan Yin. There is also a carved rock crystal owl for a totem.