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Fantastic Beasts – no spoilers that aren’t in HP canon

I never thought I would say this but I liked Fantastic Beasts better than any of the Potter movies with the kids. The screen play had so much more information in it because it was written by Rowling. Also since no book preceded it you didn’t really have a mental impression about who or what the characters are or should be doing.

There is also a major plus in that the actors in the movie are experienced adults in the main roles and are trained good actors and are more capable of embodying their characters. They have nuances to their acting that the kids just weren’t capable of until the last movies.

Eddie Redmayne is excellent as the Hufflepuff who is more comfortable with his creatures than he is with people. He has a wary, jumpy side when with human beings unless he is defending or dealing with a situation his creatures have caused.

Colin Farrell is great and you aren’t sure til the end whether he is a good guy or a bad guy. And Tina ( Katherine Waterson) and her sister( Samantha Morton) are excellent as Newt’s future wife and companions on the journey and I loved the No Maj Kowalski, Dan Fogler who gets not quite obliviated at the end.

The movie is a wild journey and I loved every minute of. If you have the tiny chapbook read the foreward and Bio and you will have enough info to go on.
My sister who refuses to read the HP books badly wants a niffler. I will go with befriending a griffon or a bowtruckle.

I did go wearing my Ravenclaw gear and we had to do the assigned seating expensive tickets because it was the only one without 3d or IMAX which gives me migraines.

We HAVE to go again! I still need to see Dr Strange and the new Star Wars is coming.

Yeah, we went to see the last part of that tiny book The Hobbit

We went to see the Hobbit on Saturday morning which I enjoyed once I disengaged my mind from the book and they did preserve the main thing I was worried about. Spoiler Alert: whether they would kill off all the sons of Durin like Tolkien did and whether they would take Thorin to the dark side as far as he went in the book. Still not sure if it was bad enough to suit me, he reformed way too quickly.

I still object to the fact that the book is called the Hobbit but Peter Jackson seems to think it was called the Thorin Oakenshield Show before it finally returns its focus to Bilbo where it belongs. I’m assuming because Bilbo isn’t a glamourous fighter. And there still aren’t any female elves in the Hobbit, period.

So I really like it as long as I didn’t remember the book and no matter what they say it isn’t all in the Appendices of the Lord of the Rings

It was just as I feared though when they showed a thing in their First Look pre movie thing about Unbroken. It had interviews with Louis and his beautiful soul and smile and I cried hard all the way through. Thank heavens there were only about 10 people in the theater and no one near us. If I go see this movie, I fear I will cry all the way through it even with an actor I don’t know playing Louise, damn!

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Memories of a friend and apprehensive about the movie

There’s a movie coming out next week that I really want to see. It’s Unbroken. I haven’t read the book yet. I have it on my Kindle and part of me doesn’t want to read it for a very good reason. I knew and loved Louis and I don’t want my memories messed up with reading a book.

I don’t have many heroes from growing up but Louis Zamperini is a big one. He’s wasn’t only a hero is was a friend and mentor and someone who was loved just because he was Louis. He was our Junior Hi Summer Sunday School teacher, he was one of our church chaperones for our weekly trips to Santa Monica Beach. He was an amazing person.

We used to sit for hours on the beach listening to him talk about his experiences. He spoke about the Olympics and meeting Hitler. He wasn’t impressed. He told us about wanting a souvenir with his buddies and deciding a flag was a good one and about not meaning to cause an international incident. He told us about his friend, Jesse Owens.

He told us about the horrors of being shot down in the Pacific and about what the Japanese did to him when he was a POW and about the one guard that was the worst. The one that found out he had been an Olympic runner so the guard broke his legs and made him run down the road. He told us about learning to forgive after learning to hate.

He wasn’t very tall and wasn’t physically imposing but once you spent any time with him you couldn’t forget his loving smile or gentle voice. He had the most amazing white chest hair I’ve ever seen and he told us it had turned white overnight when he was in the POW camp being tortured. He used to give us huge long lectures on skin cancer and sunscreen back in the 60’s before anyone else was talking about it. He’d yell when he saw the bottles of baby oil we were using to tan and tell us we should just go jump in a frying pan. He would really yell at me because I burned so easy but when you’re 13 you’re immortal and indestructible and think adults are crazy. He used to talk to us about dreaming and what we wanted to do and get a bit peeved at me because I never really let myself dream.

When we got older he started to be in charge of the Seniors programs at church. They had daily lunches for the elderly in the neighborhood with programs and activities around our church in Hollywood. My mom was the Music secretary for the church and during summers I was occasionally her indentured servant and would get to carry a message down to Louis and chat for a bit if he wasn’t busy. He even came to my dad’s funeral at church.

Anyway, I do want to see the movie and they better not mess it up. I’ve never seen a movie about someone I knew and someone I loved. I still see his big smile shining in my mind.louis 2 louis

This is Louis on one of the church ski trips and he’s skateboarding in the chuch garden outside the Sunday School building