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BunniHoTep and the Lotus Gardener

Once upon a time BunniHotep decided to go for a hop in the gardens by the Temples. It was a cool day with just a nip in the air but a fresh breeze was blowing so she knew spring would come soon. As she wandered she saw the Osiris hip deep in the mud and she was curious.

“Osiris, what on earth are you doing down in the mud?” She asked. His kilt was thoroughly streaked with mud and his nose had a smudge across it

“I’m planting more lotuses so we have them in spring.” He replied with a smile.

“But you are getting all muddy! What’s Isis going to say when she sees you? You’re dirtier than Horus gets when he plays in the Nile.” BunniHoTep exclaimed.

“Yes, I’m getting a bit dirty aren’t I?” he remarked ruefully,”but it’s worth it just to see these blooms. Have you ever really looked at the lotus? Have you ever noticed how perfect they are? They arise from the blackest of mud but not a speck of dirt blemishes the flower. It rises to seek the sun and follows Ra on his journey and then sinks into the mud at the end of the day to arise again the next. Is there anything more perfect than that?” Osiris cradled a bloom in his hand.

“Did you know Thoth has made the lotus the hieroglyph for life and resurrection to show us we all come from the mud but rise to the sun pure and clean? I can’t think of a better symbol. Bast thought papyrus would be better but I pointed out how lovely a lotus is and Thoth agreed. I’m having them painted on all my Temples at the top of the pillars.”

“I know the whole plant can be eaten because sometimes people bring it to the Temple for an offering but I never really thought about how beautiful they are or where they come from.” Said BunniHoTep.

“Hu blew them into life and I’m so glad she did. The Celestial Sphinx can be quite busy and for once didn’t make me answer 3 questions to get it. She was bored one day and saw that there was nothing of beauty around the so she decided to make them and give them to me as a sort of get well present after I had my little adventure with Set.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re back and I’m sure Isis is too but when did you become the gardener? She asked.

“Oh, this is something I do and give the gardeners the day off. They’ve all gone off to the celebrations so I can work in peace. When I’ve been working with the plants I feel just as renewed as they look. It reminds me that a little hard work can be repaid a hundred fold with beauty and grace both expected and unexpected.”

BunniHoTep sat back on the curb and thought for a minute. She felt peaceful just being here with the plants and Osiris. She nodded to herself. “I’ve always just had vegetables in my garden would you help me plant a few lotuses in my back pond? I think I need to be reminded sometimes to stop being busy and just BE like the lotus.”

Osiris nodded with a grin, “Just let me finish up here and we can go get started, shall we?”

And the two friends gathered up his tools and walked to her Temple in a happy silence.