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Gaelic Resources

Okay, I promised that I’d put together a list of Gaelic resources so here they are, starting with my favourites:
G‛aidlig Troimh Ch‛omhradh – by Le Catriona NicIomhair Parsons, – this is the language text we started learning with when it had tapes now it comes with cds. Simple and geared to adults or older teenagers. It uses everyday conversation to teach which I think makes it easier to remember. There are three volumes but the first two are the ones that focus on grammar and usage.

Everyday Gaelic – Morag MacNeill – just about every phrase and common thing you need to know in Gaelic with pronunciation guides.
Those were our first two texts. The others I’ve picked up along the way.

Teach Yourself Gaelic – a Complete Course for beginners – Boyd Roberson and Iain Taylor – Pretty good also with cd.

Colloquial Scottish Gaelic – The Complete Course for Beginners – Katherine M. Spadaro and Katie Graham – Okay but I’d try one of the computer programs before this.

Hippocrene Beginner’s Series – Beginner’s Gaelic – James MacLaren – Not beginners at all if you ask me.

Lazy Way to Gaelic – Cartoons Flann O’Riain, Gaelic text by George Jones – Fun but not a textbook

Gaelic Wordbook – James S. Adam – Lists of handy words

Computer program – Talk Now Learn Scots Gaelic & Vocabulary Builder Scots Gaelic – both available from Amazon UK’s site. These are a lot of fun and combine reading and being able to hear correct pronunciation.
And there are some videos from BBC Scotland like Can Seo which are fun if you can find them.
You can also find an Asterix comic book in Gaelic and the first Harry Potter book

For help with the Scottish mind set here are some books:
Crowdie and Cream, Crotal and White & Corncrake and Lysander by Finlay J MacDonald, These are memoirs of growing up on Harris and it’s funnier than anything else I’ve read except Patrick McManus or Richard Armour’s tales of growing up anywhere.

The easiest place to start finding resources is to attend your local Highland Games and see if there is a bookseller there. Out here on the West Coast that is usually Tea and Sympathy but you had better hit their book early in the day on Saturday.