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DNA, Ancestors and Family in the World

I did the Nat Geo DNA testing and they just revised it to 100% European, 59% Great Britain and Ireland, 19% Western and Central Europe, 15% Scandinavian and 3% Eastern Europe, instead of the 4% Saami and Siberian they originally said.

When your get your results you can add it to another DNA site called FTDNA and that is when it gets weird because you get invitations to join groups based on your DNA results some of which went with family history like the MacFarlane and MacGregor family groups we already knew about since we have them on the family trees on both sides, but then I got one from a Polish group and I don’t know about any Poles anywhere. So I joined all the Scottish ones it suggested because I knew those were right.

It then tells you everyone you are related to that has taken the testing for several cousins out and they and you can start contacting each other. I just got a request from a 4th cousin in Sweden. My family left Sweden about 125 years ago. It’s kind of cool and kind of weird to know that I have so many relatives that I have never met and that they are all over the globe. So far I have a list of over 1500 people who are related to me by my DNA. My family has never been highly reproductive so that kind of blows me away. 1500 people that I have never met are my direct relatives. Wow!

We could only do the MT DNA test because there are no surviving males, my dad and brother were the last Y DNA Robbs on their branch of the family tree. His sister’s kids would only have MT DNA and his two brothers died before they could have children and his dad’s dad only had a sister.

When they do the DNA matches they start with those who share the biggest blocks with you and so far I don’t recognize any of the people that it says are my second cousins. My new 4th cousin shares a block of 28.

This is my haplogroup mtDNA      U2e1f and I haven’t seen any one on the list that shares that haplogroup. I like that it sort of looks like elf even though it’s e1f. Hey, maybe that’s how the alfar do their DNA, LOL!

U2e started out in Eurasia and North Africa. There is something about DNA testing and seeing the results that brings home that we really are one people and the differences are on the outside not the inside. Sometime way are back in history my ancestors may have roamed Egypt, Algeria or Libya or the Middle East. What stories would they tell? Who knows maybe I am remembering the BunniHoTep stories. Maybe one of my ancestors told those stories too.

Why did they roam so far and how did they end up in regions that were as far as you could go in Europe without getting on a boat which I suppose they eventually did because my family ended up in Los Angles in a climate not that far different from where they started.

I know some of the stories from the last few hundred years and so far they match what the DNA testing says but what about the ones further back? What were their stories? All I do know is that I must have relatives and ancestors who looked far differently than I look now. That any one I see on the bus or on the street or in the store could be related to me no matter what they look like. Makes me want to be kinder. That part of the Girl Scout Promise that says I’m a sister to every other Scout, is really true.


Lay off the f***ing fluffy bunnies!

I’m seeing that word again and it’s pissing me off. I wrote this last year and I still think it’s true.

I’m getting really tired of people using the term “fluffy bunny” to define pagans, the pagan speaking (or writing) doesn’t perceive as serious enough. This term is used almost exclusively by people under 30 years of age and I’ve seen several blogs this week alone use it. As someone who has been in the pagan community for almost 30 years and at 2 years shy of 60 and is quite old enough to be your mother or even some of the younger ones, their grandmother, I have one thing to say, “KNOCK IT OFF!”

Get a flaming sense of humour some of you and lose the insecurity that is causing you to bash others to prove how superior you are. You are tiring and a bit lame. Am I sounding harsh? Good, some of you need a kick in the pants or a good swift swat to your keester. What makes you so superior? You took a Wicca 101 class and decided the Rede isn’t for real witches or you so you can be rude? Talk to me in 10 years when you done a lot more ritual, when life has knocked you down a few times and you’ve struggled to get up. Some of those you deem “Fluffy bunnies” will be the ones that get back up and go on and you might not be. Why because some of those “Fluffy bunnies” will have a positive attitude. The ones that don’t, will fade away anyway.

At under 30, and especially those of you still in college or university, you have not lived. (And I’m sure you’r e sure you have) You haven’t had children, nursed your parents through their final days. You haven’t divorced a spouse or lost a child. You haven’t lost jobs you thought would provide for your retirement. You don’t have the diseases of middle age like the beginnings of arthritis and learned that life can be painful and learned that some of those “fluffy bunnies” are the ones who will love you no matter how negative you are feeling. They will be the ones who rescue you when you can’t see another day. Why? Because the fluffy bunnies are the empaths. The compassionate ones. The ones who have learned that in her own way following Kwan Yin and Brighid are every bit as scary in their challenges as a psychopomp like Hekate. You should know I’m ordained to all of the above and have learned those lessons the hard way. Death magic might seem fun and powerful but wait until you have sat with an actual dying person and do it again and again. Guess what? Hekate is a goddess of compassion too. Wait until you have seen her over a loved one’s body. It isn’t the same at all.

When you bash a “fluffy bunny” you are just making yourself look bad. It makes you look uncompassionate. It makes you look like an egotistical fool.

We need the people you call “fluffy bunnies” because we desperately need the kind people of the world. Change is made in the world by love. Love for your fellow beings and by learning you aren’t the only one in the world. It’s by people who don’t call names and just do, by being loving and positive. It’s isn’t made by people who call names and bully others because they don’t meet your standards of being a scary witch.

Change is made by those fluffy bunny: gardeners, herbalists, healers, poets, raisers of children who tell bedtime stories to the next generation. Change is made by grown people who still view the world with wonder and love and that there is good in all beings. Change isn’t made by the disrespectful and the mean.

I’m sure I just pissed a bunch of people off, by implying that because they are young, they don’t know about life or pain or other realities, well, deal with it, you don’t. When I was your age I would have been pissed off too. But guess what? Some day you might acknowledge I was right. In the meantime, stop being brats and rude.