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Love is always better than fear

Thank you for reminding me that I have friends in both the physical world and the virtual world who like me because I’m me and don’t rule me out of their lives because of homophobia.


It occurs me how sad some people’s lives must be to hate somebody because of something that isn’t harmful and can’t be changed by the object of the hatred. What kind of small, limited person doesn’t like someone because they are gay or of a colour they believe makes them worthy of being hated or someone who has a disability, or even has a religion that makes them hated? What kind of wonderful people are they missing who might have filled their lives with love and light? Why would you hate someone solely because of who they love? Pretty colourless world if you ask me.


I’m not perfect. I have to admit if I find out you are fundamentalist anything, I’m probably not going to choose to be your friend until I find out more. I hate willfully stupid people or people who choose to hate or do something stupid because someone told them so and don’t investigate for themselves. I don’t particularly like people who have no common sense or logic and I don’t like petty or mean people or people I consider to have a poor grasp of ethics. I don’t like people who are Creationists/Pro-life (they seem to got together.) and then deny services to children and the mothers who are forced to bear children and have no way to care for them.  Or not look at the fact that human fetuses pass through all the stages of evolution in the 9 months before they are born, ie; gills, tails, coats of thick primate fur, etc. before actually looking like the baby they expect.


So yes there are people I miss out on knowing but I don’t judge them on what can’t be helped. I have gay friends, I have straight friends, I have bi friends, I have trans friends, I have friends of all colours, I have friends of many religions including Pastafarians. It makes my life a tapestry of love. I hope I enrich their the tapestry of their lives too.


It must be sad to have some much hate in your life for people you don’t even know.



If you are homophobic – please take your ass somewhere else!

Just a not too friendly FYI: If you are homophobic, please do not follow me. I don’t need followers that badly that I need bigots and hate mongers. So GO AWAY!

There is absolutely no good reason for homophobia except for the prejudice. I repeat there is no justifiable reason for fear of gays and lesbians except that you are a regressive, troglodyte, especially if you call yourself a pagan. I do know some big name pagans that are but there is no excuse for it other than they are idiots. (I know they are because these particular BNP’s have said it to my face.)

So if you are anti gay in anyway, lesbiphobic or any other variety of hater of people who are different from your heterosexual self. Get lost! I mean it.

I’m quite clear on my About page. I’m a lesbian. I’m a dyke. I’m a pagan. I’m a Druid. I’m Wiccan. If any of those is not your cup of tea. Please leave! I know I have evangelical followers because I read all your About pages about how much you love your Jesus. Not a fan of the zombie Jesus so why an evangelical would follow me I have no clue. Most of the Christians that I know as friends who follow me are open-minded loving Christians not of the evangelical variety and I love them dearly and most of them, hopefully know that I respect them greatly. Quite, frankly, most of the people I know who have to go around telling people about Jesus are the least Christian of the White Christ’s followers. I have no clue why they go where they know they aren’t wanted. Like the idiots who ring the doorbuzzer at 7 on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Or the asshats at the bus stop who harass people until they can escape on a bus, any bus, going anywhere.

Do you seriously think that anyone can live in the US and not know about your Jesus? Are you really that stupid?

Anyway, sorry for the blast. My tooth broke and I can’t get into the dentist until Thursday. But as far as the homophobes who “I’m following You” email contains the homophobic bullshit. Please leave. I mean you, Aquarianmist. I don’t need a bigot for a follower.

And a point of education. Human beings are animals and mammals and are just one of the many animals that exhibit same sex relationships. It is not an “unnatural state” . It exists in nature and we are born this way. There is a colony of lesbian seagull off the coast here in California on Anancapa Island for one example. We’ve had gay people traceable on my family tree that we know of to the mid 1800’s and so I think it must go much farther back and my gay siblings and I did not know this before we came out, only after my brother and I came out independently of each other. So go be your asshat self somewhere else.


and PS: Most people that are rabidly homophobic are afraid they are gay themselves and need to just come out and deal with it.