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A review of the Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey – includes spoilers and a hissy fit

We went to the Hobbit yesterday, partly because we are huge fans of Tolkien and the way Peter Jackson handled LOTR and partly for a distraction from bad news. I wished we hadn’t. I can’t say I hated it but any resemblance between a good share of the book and the movie is purely coincidental. When it says “based on” they aren’t kidding. I’m so disappointed.

I knew I was in trouble from the moment the dwarves started arriving. Tolkien distinguished them by coloured hoods. Good luck doing that here. You get to the end of the movie and you’re still going, “which one was Ori or Dori or Nori? Was that Bifur of Bofur?”

In the book Thorin and Balin and older dwarves were out hunting and that is why they survived when Smaug came. They were not the great heroes of the battle as in the movie just so Peter Jackson could have a cameo as a fighting dwarf.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great action movie but if you are going to see the Hobbit? It isn’t the Hobbit. Galadriel, Saruman are not even in the book. So throw that whole scene out. There are no Orcs in the Hobbit. There are only Goblins and there are what Tolkien called the Wild Wolves but not Wargs.

There is no Necromancer. Radoghast is only mentioned as being Gandalf’s brother. He never appears in the story. I did like his giant sled bunnies.

The King of the Eagles and the eagles speak and have a much bigger part in the book and he later becomes the King of all birds.

The goblins and the wolves set the fire in the book not Gandalf which seems a little stupid and rather like the cartoon scenes when some stupid cartoon character cuts the branch off they are sitting on.

The Ice Giants made Alison and I turn to each other and whisper Rock ‘m Sock ‘m Robots to each other. That takes you right out of the scene.

I guess the sound and Foley guys decided to get silly during the flight from the goblins because I heard a car screetching its brakes, a cat yowling and a siren and those are the ones I caught after I started listening for weird sounds.

They re-wrote the troll scene since in the book that is the first time they give their Burglar a job – to see what the light is.

Poor Alison, fell in love with Balin and when we watched Fellowship last night she was heartbroken to find out he was the one that died in the Mines of Moria. Thank heavens, I’d already figured that out before.

Forget it if you want to see singing elves hanging from trees.

So what was I happy about? They did use some of Tolkien’s poetry including the dish washing scene that totally scares Bilbo for the safety of his dishware and cutlery. Howard Shore, as usual did a fantastic job on the music and score. The scenery of New Zealand makes a spectacular Middle Earth. I like Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield. I was a fan of his before and he does a great job at being the royal dwarf.

But this was a children’s book and it is not a children’s movie. It is much darker than the book. It isn’t the Hobbit, plain and simple. And I loved Lord of the Rings.

He had better not screw up the character of Beorn in the next movie is all I can say. I love that character in the book and since he totally left out Tom Bombadill and Goldie in LOTR who knows?

The Hobbit

I’ve been trying to keep my hopes for the Hobbit from getting to high but the trailer did it for me. Once Thorin Oakenshield started to sing I was lost. I’m a sucker for Tolkien’s short poems and songs. And I’ve always loved low men’s singing voices when they aren’t bellowing. Added to that one of my favourite British actors Richard Armitage doing the singing. Oy!

So they do this to me when it doesn’t come out until December 14th Next year!!!!

Peter Jackson you had better not let me down!

It looks like it might end when Gollum and Bilbo meet which means the second movie with have Smaug and all the battles.

Can you name all the dwarves? And I don’t mean Sneezy, Sleepy Slutty and Doc.