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Today’s reading



Five of Arrows 

Unfocused energy or anger that leads to the archer releasing arrows or lashing out in an uncontrolled manner and missing the target or wasting valuable resources. 

A double edged card depending on whether you are the hunter or the hunted. 

The card can be a warning – either take flight or stand firm and face the situation. 

Ungrounded aims and fears.

Today’s reading



Ten of Cups 

Generous fulfilment of desires from a source that is pure and cleansing. Reward for patience and love given selflessly. True emotional stability and freedom. 

Cups filled to overflowing. 

Open to the power of love. Be careful not to get swept away by it.

Today’s reading



Four of Stones 

A newborn fawn shelters beneath a dolmen as the midsummer dawn rises, bringing hope and renewed vitality to the vulnerable. 

Shelter and protection for the weak or the spiritually wounded is the responsibility of us all. 

Nurturing parental care. A roof over one’s head. A period of stability. Time to foster your tender heart.

Today’s reading



Six of Cups 

Affection and love in a situation that may have taken time to resolve. Recognition of ancestral or reincarnated memory. Polaric love between soulmates.

The source of the waters of memory and deep love. 

Reunion with an old friend, soulmate or a wise part of oneself. A feeling of inner peace.

Today’s reading



Four of Arrows 

Recharging after a period of stressful activity, work or emotional trauma. Allow time for the imagination to fly into the Otherworld to renew and rejuvenate vitality. 

…resting so the imagination and spirit can take flight and rejuvenate. 

A rest, a holiday, a cessation of activity, healing. 

Feeling more positive, seeing the beauty in yourself and everything around you.

Today’s reading



Four of Wands 

Celebration of health, wealth and security. A time to relax and enjoy the bounty of good fortune or labour. A holiday or festival in a time of plentiful fertility and creativity. 

Enjoyment of nature, celebration, of the summer with friends, party atmosphere, being outdoors, feeling of freedom and fun.

Today’s reading



Six of Stones 

Selfish or foolish overuse of non-sustainable resources. Implies a situation of imbalance in work or business that is damaging yourself or the environment.

This card is the opposite of Harvest. 

An exploitation of the earth’s resources… the poor are exploited for the benefit of the rich. 

A feeling of being trapped in a system of greed. A need to question the purpose of your work, and your part in the whole.

Today’s reading



Eight of Cups 

By looking at the past, acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them, we grow and attain new wisdom. The future waits to be unfolded by our positive action. 

The wheel has come full cycle. On one level this represents a solstice feast, a broth made for sharing. On a deeper level this card represents a profound rebirth. 

Transformation in which all the elements of oneself are being poured in order to be recombined. 

Focusing in the present.

Today’s reading



Five of Wands 

A fertile and concentrated male energy or drive that needs to be grounded in intent. Raw spiritual power or life-force that can be built up or focused to good effect.

An active power that is hard to hold in balance, tendency to anger; when misused by any gender, this becomes power over others.

Today’s reading



Ace of Stones 

The primal rock from which all can be measured. Cup and ring = emergence of life. A still and stable point from which to plan and measure your life. 

Mythically the foundation stone means the first dry land on which life could begin. Also the first created form, matter, the mother stone, the firm ground from which one can begin one’s journey and measure the eight directions, the birthing ground, the navel stone. 

The Labyrinth is the place where your journey begins; the first steps; the cup and ring marks represent the source, your emergence into this world. 

A new stability enters your life.