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We thank you for rain

Thank you, Lady Mother

For the rain so sweet

Thank you for the coolness of the wet

The rain brings relief from unrelenting heat

Let us revel in the blessings of water

Let each blessed drop nourish our souls

Our plants

Our animals

Let it reach deep into your earth to be stored

Let it fall on the fires and quench them

Let it bring rest to the weary

Who’ve been unable to sleep

We thank you for the fresh smelling richness of rain

We thank you for the sounds of rain hitting roof and leaves

We thank you for the refreshment of rain touching skin

We thank you for rain

Thanksgiving song

Thanksgiving Eve

Words & Music by Bob Franke

It’s so easy to dream of the days gone by
It’s a hard thing to think of the times to come
But the grace to accept ev’ry moment as a gift
Is a gift that is given to some


What can you do with your days but work & hope
Let your dreams bind your work to your play
What can you do with each moment of your life
But love til you’ve loved it away
Love til you’ve loved it away

There are sorrows enough for the whole world’s end
There are no guarantees but the grave
And the life that I live & the time I have spent
Are a treasure too precious to save

As it was so it is, as it is shall it be
And it shall be while lips that kiss have breath
Many waters indeed only nurture Love’s seed
And its flower overshadows the power of death

I give thanks at our thanksgiving – Lughnassad

I give thanks

I give thanks for my friends that have kept me going in dark times

I give thanks for the love I have been given

I give thanks for the family I have left

I give thanks for the family I was born into and what they taught me

I give thanks that I have the right to worship the goddesses and gods who call me

I give thanks that I can worship as I choose to do

I give thanks for the Earth that gives nourishment to me

I give thanks for the Air I breathe

I give thanks for clean Water to drink in a drought filled world

I give thanks for the Fire in my head and in my heart

I thank the animals who give their spirits to be food

I give thanks for the plants and seeds who give their spirits also

I give thanks for hands to hold and hearts to love

I give thanks for eyes that can see and ears that can hear

I give thanks for an August morning to give thanks in and I give thanks for the ability to see and say and sing my thanks.

I give thanks.

First fruits

This is Lammas or Loafmas or Lughnassad. The feast of the first harvest but what if you are feeling like you have nothing to harvest?

I can tell you right now you do. If you are above ground and haven’t been buried or cremated you have something to be thankful for.

I haven’t had a permanent job for over 4 ½ years but I have a good temp job at the moment. I’m grateful.

I have some physical issues but if I feel pain at least I know I’m alive. Might not have felt that way for about a minute last week after that fall when I had an introduction to the earth but I am grateful to be able feel.

Because you see, except for my sister, there is nothing left of the nuclear family I was born into. They aren’t here to celebrate breathing the air or seeing the ocean. I am. You have to be grateful to live. We have so much our ancestors did not and yet we whine.

Having spent many summers without indoor plumbing, I’m grateful I can have a toilet that flushes. Many places on the planet don’t even have running water let alone sanitation.

I’m grateful to sleep indoors because I could quite easily be homeless. We’ve come very close at times.

I’m grateful to have clothes to wear. They may not always fit or be high fashion because I’ve lost weight but they cover me and I’m grateful.

I’m grateful my eyes see and my ears hear because someday they may not do either. But I’ll learn to deal with it as it comes.

I’ve come close to dying a few times. I’m very grateful I did not.

I’m grateful for the library when I can’t afford to buy books or music.

I’m grateful for the food we have now because sometimes it’s been food from the dollar store or go without.

I’m grateful for electricity and all its many uses like being able to assemble the electrons and protons to type this.

I’m grateful to my ancestors. I wouldn’t be here without them even with a genetically challenged gene pool.

I’m grateful for the love of my friends and friendship.

I’m grateful for creativity and that I can think and dream in so many ways. And that I can enjoy what others think and dream.

I’m grateful no one sane is really thinking about burning people who have different belief systems in this country or because they love the “wrong” person.

I’m grateful I have my car at the moment and the bus when I do not and I’m grateful that even if I have to use a cane I can walk to places.

I’m able to breathe. I’m grateful.

I have a lot to be grateful for. These are my first fruits. What are yours?