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Adventures at the Women’s March or at least what I saw of it.

Saturday was a bit of an adventure for me and I never even got to the Women’s March. I had planned on getting to the train about 7:45 but even that I’m afraid would have been too late. I headed out around 8:15 and quickly ended up in traffic which never happens on a Saturday morning on our street, Does not happen, ever! And the closer I got to the Red Line terminal the worse it got so I turned and went an parked at the Ralph’s ¾ of a mile away and walked with my cane.

My thought at the time was that the friends I was supposed to meet could drop me at my car later. So I got to the station and it was a sea of humanity at 8:30 am and the March was officially until 11 am. If I hadn’t already had my Tap card I never would have made it in and down the escalator which was not running. I like to ride in the first car because the lines to get in the door are usually shorter, so I pushed my way down to that end of the platform.

Every train that came into the station was already full because people were getting on trains farther up to ride to our station for the turnaround because all the trains were already full. It took them over an hour until 9:37 am for them to send an extra long empty train and by then I had been standing that too long

It was great. Every one was happy and singing and chanting, granted it was things like “Not My President!” and singing “God Bless America’, lot of guitars present. But people were excited and sharing their signs and making sure the tons of kids present were safe and not getting too near the edges of the platform.

One man told me he thought that if the crowd had been Trump supporters someone would have been shoved on the tracks by now. I loved the men in the Rebel Alliance shirts in large groups of women that were their family members. Usually with a little girl on their shoulders. There were so many little girls with signs they had made themselves and were quite happy to share what their sign meant and why it was important. Made me a proud former Girl Scout leader to see these tiny women.

You know it’s a Women’s March when that much love and glitter is being spread around.

I had been adopted by some women by the time the train finally arrived that we could get on and people made sure I and some other more fragile people could get on. I ended up standing and by the time we got to the third station I must not have looked well. There was nowhere to sit and people were crammed in there like a Japanese subway train and it was hot and getting hotter.

People were telling why they were there and there women saying they had been there before and we could do it again. One gentleman and his wife and been Freedom Marchers and had walked with Dr King. There were people of every colour and ethnicity. There were tattooed kids next to soccer moms next to people like me with walkers and canes and in wheelchairs. There were well dressed people and there were people who weren’t and there were some bewildered people trying to get to work.

You could hardly breathe and a woman asked if I was okay and I wasn’t I was really hot but I was not going to go down without a fight but somehow people got me to a seat that magically appeared because there was absolutely no room. By then I must have looked awful because everyone was asking if I was okay and I started to feel faint. I used to faint a lot as a kid but I haven’t in years but I knew I was in trouble when the black sparkly tunnel appeared so I mentioned I felt faint.

You know it’s a crowd of women not men when you say something like that. Next thing I knew my head was shoved between my knees and about 6 water bottles came at me but since I was afraid I was going to be sick I couldn’t take them. There was no room to be sick. So someone asked me what I needed and I told them I thought getting off at the next stop was my only option. A group of women got me off the train and onto the train across the station going back. They risked losing their places on the train that were so hard to get to take care of me. I am so amazingly grateful to have been in their presence. Just WoW! They did not have to do that and they did.

I ended up sitting at the station when it got back until I felt well enough to walk all the way back to the car. I did have to stop a few times before I got there but I made it and then got home. So I never got the March but being in that crowd and with all those wonderful women was worth everything.

I’m going to make it next time and I’m eternally grateful to have been among and with those women!

Lammas grace

I grew up singing this grace on church choir family retreats every year. It was ‘our’ grace that never got sung any where else. I think it’s a perfect grace for Lammas so I made the slide. The tune is the hymn tune “We Gather Together “.


And it reminds me to go out to Tapia Farms store and buy fresh corn and take more pictures. 🙂