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G is for Goddesses and Gods

I’m an unapologetic polytheist. I do not believe all energies are one energy and all deities are one deity. That is monotheism masquerading as polytheism because their mind can’t fathom it. It’s a new age excuse. Some deities that travel continents or change cultures might take on aspects of other deities , such as when the Romans re-named deities along their way like Athena becoming Minerva but both those goddesses would have retained their original aspects.

Deities develop because of culture and geography to fit the people who worship them. The collective unconscious of a culture creates a deity that meets their needs. Not unlike a culture that has a lot of snow so it creates a lot of words in their language for snow but a culture that has never seen snow might not have a word for it or might borrow a word.

I do believe that the spark of the divine is in everything and everything is divine so I suppose I come under panentheism and a tad pantheistic of one sort but not all.

A deity that forms in Scotland or Ireland is not going to have the same personality or aspects as a deity in Africa or in South America or Southern Europe. They may not have the need to see their goddesses as all knowing or always perfect such as the Middle Eastern jealous war god that seeks to be an only child and his followers behave like the spoiled only children of a bad marriage. (I’m not saying that only children always behave badly, I’m saying that many Christians act like the stereotype of only children, always wanting their own way and having tantrums when they don’t get it. See the current Republican leadership for examples.)

Cultures that are desert cultures have primary deities that are sun gods. Cultures like Egypt where Ra or for a short time Ankhnaton, was head of the pantheon much of the time. Cultures where sunshine isn’t always predominant may have a god who isn’t like Odin , a god of war, wisdom or magic and prophecy. Not as much sunlight in Scandinavia so a sun god isn’t going to be prime. While the Irish pantheon has the Dagda of the Tuatha DeDanaan has a club that can kill 9 men but he also has a cauldron that feeds his people and none go away unsatisfied because hospitality is a cornerstone of the Gaelic countries where to be inhospitable is the worst sin there was. He also has a sense of humour and isn’t afraid to be the butt of a joke. Something not always found in the head of a pantheon.

It’s the same for goddesses. Kwan Yin is not Mary and she is not Isis, or Brighid. Just because you are a goddess of compassion or healing, it does not make all goddess who are goddesses of compassion the same one. They are very different. Both Brighid and Kwan Yin have claimed me for themselves and I know firsthand they are not the same, not even close. They have let me know that in no uncertain terms any more than the Morrigan is Hecate.

Gods reflect culture. If you have a mellow relaxed culture where getting daily needs are met like food and you don’t need heavy clothing, then you have more mellow and relaxed deities such as Italy and the Romans. If life is hard such as in northern countries in Europe then your deities are less relaxed like the Scandinavian pantheon who is a bit more bloody minded and exacting. If Odin or Freya wants you to do something you had better drop everything and do it now. The Celtic pantheon is a bit more relaxed and the Greek and Roman pantheons seem to have a bit more patience, particularly Bacchus and Aphrodite. Doesn’t mean you can fart around too much just that you might have a bit more leeway, from my observation.

I don’t know how some humans can think all are one. All people aren’t one. So why should all gods be one?

Pagan Humour

The Gathering

Scene: A wood. In the distance is an eclectic pagan group. Two
figures hiding in the woods spot each other.

Thor: Evening.

Zeus: Evening. God?

Thor: Yep. You too?

Zeus. Yep.


Thor: How long ago did they invoke you?

Zeus: About half an hour. Still singing those awful songs though.

Thor: We all come from the Goddess?

Zeus: That’s the dirge. Cheek. You’ve heard that other one? We are
the old people, we are the new people, we are same people, wiser
from before?

Thor: Yeah. What do you make of it?

Zeus: Olympus knows. If they’re so bloody wise why can’t they work
out whether they’re old, new or the same? Where you from?

Thor: Up North. Thunder God.

Zeus: Hey, really? Me too! King of the Gods round our way. You?

Thor: Sometimes, depends on the saga. Oh look, they’re sacrificing
some stuff.

In the circle some mead is poured onto the ground. Thor holds hands
out and mead flows into them from the ground.

Thor: How am I supposed to get rat-faced on this? Half a bloody

Zeus. What is it?

Thor: Mead. Made from honey.

Zeus: Alcoholic?

Thor: Yep.

Cerridwen: Evening boys.

Thor and Zeus: Whoa Nelly!

Cerridwen: Pour it in this cauldron.

Thor does so. Cauldron fills with mead.

Thor: I have GOT to get me one of those!

Zeus (drinking): Mmmm. Nice. That eye-tie girl, Fortuna, she’s got a
horn like that. Keeps it stuffed with fruit all the time though.
This is good stuff. Let’s pass it round before the wine gets poured.

Thor: Wine?

Zeus: O, believe me, if you like this stuff you’re gonna love wine.
Hey girlie, where you from?

Cerridwen: Wales. Got left out of the 7 Goddess chant because
Americans think Wales is part of England or something. And they
never pour cider in this damn country. COME ON OUT LADS.

Various pantheons of deities emerge from trees, gather round and
scoop mead.

Venus: Honey! It’s booze made from honey! And bees are sacred to me!
Why didn’t my priestesses think of this?

Zeus: Heads up, here comes the wine!

In the distance, wine is poured on the ground. Dionysus holds out
hands, wine flows from ground and he pours it into the cauldron.
Cauldron fills with wine. Deities greedily scoop up and drink.

Long pause

Thor: What is this cr*p?

Zeus: Whaddya mean, this is wine. This is good stuff. This is, this

Evil Demon: It is I, Alconon, Lord of the Twelve Steps! … Where’s
everyone going?

Gods and Goddesses disperse, mumbling. In the distance, the ritual
continues for hours and hours and hours…