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Alnwick Poison Gardens: Where Plants Can Kill


G is for my Garden – a Pagan Blog Post

Things I’ve learned by gardening

I’ve learned that beauty can be in the most amazing things. The first glimpse of a seed poking through the dirt, butterflies and hummingbirds and the lowly earthworm. All the colours and shades of green and that even in winter there is something to appreciate.

I’ve learned patience – that plants take their own sweet time and that some take years to get to where you want them.

I’ve learned that you have to be ruthless and willing to kill. Nothing thrives in a garden if there are bad bugs so you have to fight with things like soap and predator bugs like ladybugs and decollated snails. That pruning helps a plant many times and that you have to be willing to cut one you love down. And that pretty copper tape and stale beer work wonders killing snails.

You can’t be vegan and be a gardener. The best fertilizers are urine, blood and bone meal. If you are using chemical fertilizers sometimes you are robbing your soil. Compost alone won’t do it for many plants and you need blood and bone.

You have to be willing to take the time to put a plant where it will be happy and not just put it where you want it.

You have to learn to share with the squirrels and the skunks and the opossums and the deer. You aren’t alone in the world.

I’ve learned that plants can communicate and that if you are patient it’s not hard to learn how and to listen to them and I’m not talking about plant devas, that is a different kind of communication.

I’ve learned that the world outside my door is a wonderous, beautiful place and that my garden is a place of rest and constant warfare on a small scale. That spiders can be vicious killing machines and strangely beautiful at the same time.

I love my garden.

Attracting plant devas

Plants to attract the Fae to your garden.

If you feel the need to have a garden that attracts the plant devas and to start a relationships with them there are certain things you need to do.

One make a place that has water in it. You need to have a bird bath or fountain or some way  for the devas to access water.

Certain plants attract them but truly all plants will attract some one. If you look up lists of plants that attract butterflies or hummingbirds you will attract active plant spirits.

So plant things that smell good or have bright colours, things attract the child in you.

You can start with rosemary, sage, columbine, osmanthus, roses, abutilons, lantana, morning glory, ivy, coleus and coral bells all work.

Vines and Lianas are great, like solanacea, moonflower, bignonia.

Trees that bear fruit and flower like citrus and the stone fruits, acacia.

Think about planting something and letting it go wild in one corner, you never know who might move in.

If you find you are attracting the neighborhood wildlife you will know you are on the right track especially if it is animals you wouldn’t normally find in an urban yard like large hawks or other raptors.

Start spending time sitting in your garden. Learn who the regular visitors are. The corbie family of birds recognize people and will communicate with you. Hummingbirds will buzz you and let you know they are there. Never put a hummingbird feeder up. They kill more hummers than they help. The sugar syrup goes bad quickly and breeds harmful bacteria which kill the hummers. It also makes them dependent on  human and if you aren’t there to fill it they can starve. A hummer can starve in 4 hours if not feedindg. They hibernate in cold rainy weather and are the only birds known to do that.

Plant plants they can get sustenance from. Don’t plant double flowers unless you are also going to plant plants that are singles. Double plants are difficult if not impossible for insects and birds to drink from.

If your yard is wet enough for it put a toad house in and see if you can get one to move in. Difficult in Southern California but not other places.

Put a bat box up. A single small bat can eat 1000 mosquitos an hour and some larger ones can eat more. They are very good for the environment and you. And don’t be discouraged if you only get squirrels at first. Squirrels are the vanguard. If they are happy the others will come too.

Oh, and use no pesticides or harmful products is a given.

Anyway, those are some helpful hints to start you out.