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Mystery Solved – I think

I think I solved the mystery of my mysterious severe illness and systemic reaction. It was an idiot teenager at Burger King. I went for my payday Breakfast treat. It’s the only time I ever eat at Burger King but I have an addiction to their French Toast sticks. When I went in this Friday morning for my fix there was a kid at the window fixing oatmeal for someone. He was dancing around and flinging the stuff as he stirred it and then he threw the spoon he had used at the counter and went and got my breakfast. I freaked out and reamed him a new one.

It WAS OATS! And this asshat did to me. He looked totally mystified when I explained he had almost killed me. One of my coven sisters had nicely pointed out that because I was so sick I probably had had hives on my internal organs too. Nothing like being totally terrified after the fact and that I probably should have gone to the ER to get a shot of epinephrine. And it explains why my system still is having problems with food. I’m still nauseated almost every time I eat. NOT FUN! All because of a careless teenager on the morning shift.

I very carefully explained to the bonehead that for people with severe allergies even being close to the severe allergen can be enough to set off a violent reaction and in a word I had one and that he had made me very, very sick. He was extremely shocked and I think I freaked him out , at least I hope so and that he’ll be more careful in the future. Geez, if I had died no one would have had a clue why.

At least now I know I am still allergic to oats and how I got exposed. And that it wasn’t bad fish. At least this time I didn’t have trouble breathing too.