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2nd Anniversary of beginning formally

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since we started the grove. Thank you, Laura, our beloved Arch Druidess and Heiromum.

When I grow up I want to be an Archdruidess too.

“Laura, our new ArchDruidess asked me yesterday what being a Druid meant to me and why I wanted to be initiated into the DCD ( Druid Clan of Danu) and I felt so inarticulate and disarticulated (As in jumbled up) that I thought I’d try again.

I think it’s human nature for some humans to aspire to higher and greater than they are and spirituality is one of the most basic ways we come to this. When I was 12 I had to study through no choice of my own, the Presbyterian catechism and to join my parent’s church after 10 years of Sunday School and while I didn’t stay there I did pick some principles that define some of my spiritual life. There is a certain austerity and lack of pomp that accompanies my personal preference for spiritual practice. I took the majority of my belief system from what my Grandmother taught me about nature and what our family traditionally did and who we were and are.

When Wicca found me it fit for the most part and I was initiated into it and was ordained in the Temple of Isis/Los Angeles that satisfied the part of my spiritual needs that reach higher and gave me a wealth of love and sisterhood I treasure but I needed something more earth based too. I needed a foundation for that to comfortably rest upon. Wicca and TOILA is more cerebral and more oriented upward than it is earthly oriented and so I studied every book on Druidry that I could get my hands on and it helps answer that need. The rest is what my grandmother taught me and that is heavily linked to it in a much less formal way.

I have a great need to connect with nature. It’s why I worked at camps so many years and why I was Nature Director at some of them. It’s why I got my degree as a Naturalist. It’s why I helped write the Elliott Wildlife Values Project with my co-leader when I was a Girl Scout Professional. It’s why I garden and take walks in wild places and drag my friends along to my favourite sacred spaces here.

I love the green and barked, the fur and feathered and scaled. I love things that slither or walk on two legs, four legs, six legs, or eight legs, not so fond of the ones with more than that I have to admit. I see no difference between those who have leaves than the ones that can move more rapidly and why I would never, ever join PETA and it’s blinkered stance on what is worth protecting. Plants can communicate just as well as any furred or feathered friend you just have to listen differently and be more observant and science has proved that plants do react to pain and harsh stimulus and communicate that pain to their fellows. The very first thing I ever bought with my own money and saved up for when I was a kid was a lifetime membership in the National Wildlife Federation. They’ve been losing money on me for a long time. ;).

Druidry is the natural organized outlet for my spiritual focus and while it would not be necessary for me to be initiated I would love it. I have wanted it for a long time but I don’t like ADF’s approach and I personally couldn’t stand Isaac and his egotism. OBOD intrigued me but their correspondence course is prohibitively priced for me at the moment. I’ve read all the things on the FOI site about their Druidry group for many years but the nearest group in the US is in San Diego and that’s at least a 2 hour drive if not more to find like minded souls. So hooray for setting up our own grove! And hooray for joining with my sisters  to form this new spiritual entity and if more is needed I attach a couple of songs, one I wrote and one a song that was my favourite at camp.

Epona’s Creed

I believe in rolling seas
I believe in growing trees
I believe things that bloom
I believe in the changing moon

And all of these things I see
Come out of the air I breathe
They come from the fire and earth
These things that I hold of worth

I believe in faerie’s dreams
I believe in elven schemes
I believe that stones can dance
I believe there is more than chance

I believe in my sisters’ songs
I believe they make me strong
I believe the wheel has turned
This time we will not be burned

I believe in the eagle’s flight
I’ve flown with the owl at night
I listen to the raven’s call
There is wisdom there for all

I believe my hand can heal
I believe the goddess in the mirror is real
I believe I have to sing
That is how my soul takes wing.


We who are born in country places
Far from the city and shifting faces
We have a birthright no man can sell
And a secret joy no man can tell

For we are kindred to lordly things
The wild ducks flight and the white owl’s wing
Pike and salmon, bull and horse
The curlew’s cry and the smell of gorse

Pride of tree, swiftness of stream
The magic of frost has shaped our dreams
No greater vision the spirit fills
Who walk by right on the naked hills.”