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I’m angry, I’m sad and enraged

I worked with kids for many years and I love all ages of kids but kindergarteners? If you want sweetness and trust work with kindergarteners. They are the ones who crawl in your lap and don’t think a thing about it. They are the ones that are just learning that other people’s feelings can be hurt as well as their own and somehow know that you wouldn’t mind holding a shy little hand. They are the ones just learning to share their cookies and maybe there are other people in the world besides themselves.

Kindergarteners still look at the world with awe and pleasure. Every day is an adventure. Every day they learn something new. The world is full of butterflies and caterpillars and polywogs and its all exciting. Every puddle is a lake to jump in with both feet and never worry that you are going to get wet.

So I can’t understand or comprehend the very human evil that walked into a kindergarten and shot small defenseless children who now have no tomorrow. No more wide-eyed wonder at the world.

And this pagan hopes that Ammit it real and that Ma’at and Anubis and Ammit make the taking of the gunman’s heart as painful as it can possibly be. No “devil made him do it” this was a conscious choice to do the most evil thing possible. There is no place dark enough or horrible enough to punish a child killer. And a part of me hopes that every gun nut that thinks it’s okay to carry a weapon like an assault rifle loses a family member to gun violence. It’s one thing to hunt for food. It’s a whole other thing to walk into a classroom or a mall or a movie theater and take people’s lives that have nothing to do with yours. You want to be famous? Do something worthy of being famous besides ruining other people’s happiness because you aren’t making the choice to be happy yourself, you selfish bastards. And it is a choice and it has nothing to do with mental illness.