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How the Earth learned to dance

Once upon a time the Element of Earth was sad. She had been looking all over and no matter where she looked the other elements and things around her danced. She wanted to dance. She knew if she danced people and animals would get hurt.

The other Elements noticed that Earth was silent. So they came to ask her what was wrong. Fire was the bravest so they let her ask the question. “Earth, what’s wrong? Is there something we can do?”

The Earth thought and then said,” I don’t know if you can. I see all of you dancing alone and with each other but I can’t join in and I really, really want to.”

Fire was quiet and then said, “Wait here a moment.” She went to the other Elements and they met in a huddle. “Is there some way we can each let her dance with us? She can’t dance alone but I bet there is some way she can dance with each of us.”

Air spoke up, “Well, I can take some of her and dance. I can’t be all over her but I can dance with her edges.”

Air went to Earth. “May I go to the dry parts of you and would you dance with me?”

“Oh, yes!” said the Earth.

And the Air went to the desert and started to spin slowly across the Earth’s surface. A dust devil rose in the Air and the Air gently spun the Earth across the desert surface.

“Oh that was lovely”, cried the Earth. “I can dance with my edges! If I dance with my edges people will usually have time to get out of the way. Do you think Water and Fire will dance with my edges?”

Air replied, “Of course, let’s go see.”

Water stepped forward. “Would you like dance in me or me to dance over you?”

Earth was so excited, “Let’s try both!” And Water took some Earth and danced her through the waves taking her back and forth all over the world. “Would you like me to dance over you now?”

The Earth smiled happily and Water slid and danced down mountains and over hills laughing all the way and the Earth laughed too. If you listen you can still hear them laughing if you go to a brook or stream. “I think Fire would like to dance with you now, too.”

“Do you mind if we heat you up?” asked Fire.

“Oh no! However you need me to be I’ll be.” Replied the Earth.

And Fire heated up the Earth around her. “I can only do this if you let me through some cracks, is that alright?”

The Earth sighed happily. Fire took her up through a crack and spun in the air, they came back down, they flowed over the Earth rising and falling. Air and Water joined in all three danced. Now there are islands that people call Iceland and Hawaii.

The Earth was happy. She could dance, maybe not all of her but parts of her and she could be happy with that.

Been thinking about elements and where they intersect our lives the last few days. I have come to the conclusion that one (at least this one) can not deal properly with grief issues unless one spends time in the Earth element. That is besides the obvious symbolism of earth to earth.

Death leads us back to the dark of the earth womb as does this time of year. Hecate is often associated with Earth as well as her ravens. And ravens as scavengers and carrion birds are birds of the earth as well as Air. Birds of cleaning the earth of the rotten things. ( Nature {PBS}was on ravens last night and was wonderful. It had Maddy Prior talking about them as well as Native American trickster traditions.)

I may have Sun and Moon in Air and five other planets and aspects in Water but Earth is where I go to feel safe and process. Yesterday I spent time in my garden, planting and cleaning and watering. My garden teaches me so much. When to be ruthless and bring death as needed such as dealing with my nemesis the snails and slugs. When to cut back and prune like taking care of the rapacious vines and my roses. When to take stock and prepare for at least our small bit of winter so Spring can come such as planting bulbs and winter bedding plants. And to appreciate the white rose that was blooming yesterday and the camellias which are early. When to honour life and when to honour death and to appreciate the balance between the two as well as the balance between dark and light.