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Weird Dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night that I had a baby and that I’d was married to some one Jewish. I never saw whether they were male or female but I was at the baby’s blessing which for some reason was in a full stadium in Santa Monica where the Highland Games were held as a kid.

The first part was the Hebrew blessing of a baby girl and I remember walking into the stadium and having 2 problems, 1) I decided I didn’t like the name we had picked out. RosemarieMichael. (Don’t ask me why because in real life I never would have picked that name and 2) She had just pooped in her cloth diaper and she was also wrapped in 2 swaddling clothes one for the first ceremony and one for the second ceremony that was going to be the wiccaning.

So I spent the rest of the dream trying to find someone with a disposable diaper which I don’t like but I thought would get us through the ceremony without another incident and trying out new names. RosemaryMichelle, no and while the hell Michelle or Michael when no one in our family has those names. I finally or Rosemary for that matter but I did have a teacher in Junior High that called me that among other names since she could never remember mine.

I don’t know if I ever found the diaper or see my partner but the name turned out to be MairiRose. Weird dream because I got spayed back in ’96 and this body is too damn old even if I could and that ship sailed a long time ago and who would want to have a baby at 59. you’d never see the kid grow up or just barely. I’m waaaay to old to go running after a toddler. And I’d never name a kid Mairi Rose when I got called MR when I was a kid and it stood for something that wasn’t very nice and definitely not PC.


Last night I had the strangest dream

Last night I had the strangest dream (?) and yes, I know that’s a song title and in fact one of my favourites, but it was. I dreamed a male Druid came and told me I had to do 9 things. Now I don’t take orders from anyone I don’t know without questioning why unless it’s an emergency so that was the first strange thing.


They were all tasks I had to do in the local mountains I love. Some were physical, some were spiritual and some were mental. I can’t remember what the tasks were, all I know that was when I woke up the constant pain I have had for weeks under the right shoulder blade and down my arm was gone and I was sleeping comfortably on my right side. Something I haven’t been able to do in weeks. It’s back but not at the level it was at even yesterday and I only got 7 of the 9 tasks done before the cat’s stomach alarm went off and I got cat breath in my face. Would I have been healed if I had finished them? Makes me wonder.


It didn’t feel like one of my usually surreal dreams. It felt like one of my real dreams. When I have met deities in my dreams, those are the ones that feel “real” like they aren’t dreams and they are happening in real time. I have interactive conversations and can change dreams courses by what I decide. So was it a dream? One wonders…