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Don’t quote scripture if you don’t know where it’s been


I found this article wildly amusing because it is so true. When I was at Prudential people figured out I was a witch because of the holidays I took and it was no big deal until a holy roller got promoted into the department. I was taking the day off after Halloween that year and she made some remark about witches that started everybody in the room laughing at her and she became my enemy instantly because they laughed at her not knowing. (For the record, I never told anyone and outed myself before they figured it out and asked which led to some pretty cool discussions)

From then on it was her main aim in life to make me miserable. She went to our Director and reported that she felt threatened by my wearing a pentagram which was always tucked inside my shirt and not worn on the outside. It didn’t matter to the Director who was a close friend from the same church down in South Central LA. She wrote me up for making a terrorist threat.

This was not helped by the fact that she was always quoting scripture and quoting it incorrectly 99% of the time. I used to love to correct her scripture and tell her where she could look to get the correct verse. Or that the translation was incorrect when she quoted “That shalt not suffer a witch to live” by pointing out that the Hebrew was generally translated poisoner not witch and when she said “Even the devil can quote scripture” I told her that that was the “Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare and not any where in the Bible. This really fried her and when one day they were trying to find something in the Bible to quote at me while sitting behind me and I told them where to find it they really, really weren’t happy but that at least stopped in my hearing.

This made her find two other like minded souls to start praying over my desk and they went through my Disney page a day desk calendar and removed all the witches from it.

Needless to say my life was miserable for a while and while I could have suffered in silence I really don’t think it would have made a bit of difference to Melrene because she had been laughed at which wasn’t even my fault but she made the rest of the dept’s life hell in other ways like telling them in my hearing that they couldn’t talk to me or people would think they had gone white and berating them all the time.

This didn’t stop until Aetna bought Prudential Healthcare and new HR took over and since they kept making a big deal about being inclusive of everyone I took action. I got up my courage because I figured it couldn’t get any worse and told what was happening. And it actually worked. They sent the Director to sensitivity training and when it didn’t stop they took away all her supervisory tasks and she ended up quitting. Melrene got hauled off to HR and ended up somewhere else and I got the write up out of my personnel file.

You really shouldn’t quote scripture if you don’t know exactly where it’s from and what the correct translation is AND know it better than the person you are quoting it at.

Thoughts on the ever non-happening but long predicted Apocalypse

“Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.” (Matthew 16:28)

Always interesting this verse was included in the many rewrites on the Bible. Maybe the person hearing it wrote it down incorrectly? But there are several problems with that if Jesus in considered infallible then he was wrong when he said this and therefore not infallible because they did all die. Because the books of the New Testament were created long after the alleged events are they wishful thinking? But the main problem with apocalyptic thinking is its lack of responsibility for the planet and for other people.

If you believe you are going to be taken away you don’t have to care for other people. You don’t have to care for the planet because your god is going to pick you to be special and remove you from having to be responsible. One problem with this view. Everybody from Jesus to Paul to Harold Camping has been predicting the end of days and guess what it hasn’t happened and the planet’s ecosystems get more and more screwed by people convinced it’s the end of days.

People are looking for excuses to avoid doing the hard work of stepping up to take care of what we have and when Gaia philosophies are mentioned it scares the holy hell out of them literally, because OMG, what if they are wrong and we actually have to live here and breathe the air they felt so comfortable polluting.

We saw a lot of this panic around Y2K, and guess what? The world didn’t end. My computer didn’t even crash. Every time the artificial Christian designated millennium rolls around the Western world has crapped its collective pants. Humans can be such selfish lemmings. People like me would have been burned as heretics for being a voice for common sense a couple of hundred years ago.

But as a pagan, Druid, witch etc. I do have responsibility for the Earth I live on and the way I live on her. I do have to recycle and not pollute. I do need to make a smaller foot print. To take only pictures and leave only footprints. I have responsibility to the people of the Earth as our spaceship moves through the cosmos. I can’t say God’s gonna take me away so all of you aren’t important. And if the apocalypse does happen and if I’m left behind to clean up. I’m handing out trash bags the next morning. We can start at the beach and move inland to the rivers and forests. We can make this world a better place. A cleaner more loving place.

And what if St Thomas was right in the Gospel of Thomas (one of the books conveniently excised by the early church) that heaven is here on Earth and life is what you make of it?

Because the biggest thing wrong with the Apocalyptics is that it removes hope for a better tomorrow from life’s equation. I couldn’t believe in any god that was that cruel to remove Hope from the world. Even Pandora had Hope in her box. Oh, wait I don’t believe in a hopeless cruel, selective god. I love a Goddess in all her magickal, brilliant earthly glory and hope for tomorrow and I believe in us.

End of the world? Not!


If you ask me this is an excuse for abusing your children. They so don’t want to take care of their family they are blinded by their phony belief system. I say phony because the Bible says “you shall not know the hour nor day of my coming”.

Obviously Mathew 23:36 http://bible.cc/matthew/24-36.htm was missed in their Bible Study. Or Mark 13:32 or the Acts of the Apostles 1:7 and I haven’t been in a Bible Study in 40 years and I still remember this?

And what if it did end tomorrow, I would miss some people I have loved in this life but at least the people around me that I love would be with me and we could start the clean up of the Earth. However at one point in Revelation (which was probably written about Nero and not anything contemporary to us). It says something about 144,000 and it seems to me 144,000 isn’t going to be noticed much when there are so many more people not missing in the world.

Anyone ready to start picking up the trash left behind on Sunday?