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Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge



Just finished this one. I’ve had it awhile and finally got around to reading it. Title is a bit misleading as only one chapter is about the Druids. All the other chapters are about the Celts from Galatia to Britain and Ireland. And the Greek philosopher who visited them in the first century BC.

A lot of the info was review but I did learn some new things like when Paul of Tarsus wrote his letter in Greek to the Galatians in Turkey they didn’t read Greek. The majority of people only read Galatian/Gaulic language. Way to go, Paul.

I also learned that the Ptolemaic pharoahs imported Galatian mercernaries who settled in Egypt for hundreds of years until the Romans came.

I did enjoy it so I have now dug out the other book of Philip Freeman’s I have to read.