Mary’s Playlist

Mary’s Playlist

All that we let in – Indigo Girls

Ancient Mother – Robert Gass and the Wings of Song

Heart to Heart – Cris Williamson

Sisters, now the meeting is over – Libana

Sister – Cris Williamson

I will be gentle with myself – Kate Marks

Deep Peace – Bill Douglas

Lullabye – Cris Williamson

The Last Watch – Stan Rogers

Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds

I’m already there – Lonestar

You’ll be in my heart – Kenny Loggins

Deep Peace – Libana

Women of our time – Judy Small

Seasons of love – Rent

May we dwell in the heart – Robert Gass and the Wings of Song

Bi Thus A Mo Shuile – Maire Brennan

Keep me in your heart – Warren Zevon

Caledonia – Dougie MacLean

Follow the Light – John McCutcheon

We are not alone – John McCutcheon

At the Moment – John McCutcheon

Amazed – Lonesta

I know that Mary loved some of these but these I’m finding comforting at the moment because they remind me of her.

At the moment

By John McCutcheon

At the moment they brought me the message
I was oceans and hours away
Wondering what I was doing
The moment that you slipped away

At the moment I’m looking out windows
At a night that hold only one star
In the morning it’s gone but I know it’s still
Shining afar

At the moment we raised up our voices
And a bit of our soul was set free
I’m still humbled and awed by the beauty
Of the small part of you that’s in me

We laughed and we danced on the table
And confounded the silence with song
In the dark of this night still it echoes so brightly
And strong

I don’t look for reward ever after
For I hold this life much too dear
From what I can tell both heaven and hell
We create in abundance right here

When the fire that burned is but ashes
And the stories have all been retold
The heat and the light will sustain us
Long after the hearth has grown cold

And grief has a place at the table
For it’s part of what we are made of
And it’ll stay long enough to remind us its mother
Is love

At the moment our lives become memory
And all of our dreaming is done
We shed what it is makes us different
And we don what it is makes us one

What is memory but time rendered timeless
Some small proof we each live anew
I refuse to surrender that small part of me
That is you

Some mark their days by the hours
Some mark their days by the signs
Me? I look to that star and where ever we are
We will shine

Samhain Playlist

Samhain Playlist

Fires at Midnight – Blackmore’s Night

Fur and Feathers – Anne Hill

Samhain Eve – Damh the Bard

Misty Mountains – Hobbit

25 Years – Blackmore’s Night

Ghost of a Rose – Blackmore’s Night

Faerie Queen – Blackmore’s Nithgt

Samain – Steeleye Span

Freya Shakti – Emerald Rose

All Soul’s Night – Lorena McKennit

Nothing More – The Alternate Route

Keep me in your heart – Warren Zevon

We are not alone – John McCutcheon

Lady in Black – Blackmore’s Night

Hymn to Her – Pretenders

Morrighan’s Quest – Laura Powers

Samhain Set – Maggie Sansone

Season of the Witch – Donovan

Song of the Witches – SJ Tucker

My 9/11 playlist

9/11 playlist

1. Fanfare for the Common Man – Mannheim Steamroller
2. America the Beautiful/This Land is Your Land – The Limeliters
3. Leaving on a Jet Plane – PPM
4. Day by Day – Steven Schwartz
5. We Are Not Alone – John McCutcheon
6. I’m Already There – Lonestar
7. Freedom is Coming – Kate Marks
8. From a Distance – Kathy Mattea
9. Holding Out for a Hero – Bonnie Tyler
10. If I Had Only Known – Reba McEntire
11. Last Night I had the Strangest Dream – Simon and Garfunkel
12. Life is Eternal – On the Wings of Song
13. Peace is – Fred Small
14. Seasons of Love – Original Cast of Rent
15. This Piece of Earth – Jenny Schaub
16. Imagine – Joan Baez
17. Deep Peace – Bill Douglas
18. Light One Candle – PPM
19. You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins
20. We Shall Overcome – PPM

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We are bringing Summer in – traditional Gaelic words


Véarsa 1:

Babóg na Bealtaine, Maighdean an tSamhraidh,

(BA-bohg nuh BAL-tin-yeh, MY-jen uh TOW-ree)

Suas gach cnoc is síos gach gleann,

(SOO-uss gakh cruk iss SHEE-uss gakh glyan)

Cailíní maisithe, bán-ghéala gléasta,

(KAL-yee-nee MASH-ih-heh, bahn YAL-uh GLAY-sstuh)

Thugamar féin an samhradh linn

(HUG-uh-mar hayn un SOW-roo lin)

Curfá (Chorus):

Samhradh, samhradh, bainne na ngamhna,

(SOW-roo, SOW-roo, BA-nyeh nuh NGOW-nuh)

Thugamar féin an samhradh linn.

(HUG-uh-mar hayn un SOW-roo lin)

Samhradh buí ná nóinín gléigeal,

(SOW-roo bwee nah NOH-ih-neen GLAY-gyal)

Thugamar féin an samhradh linn.

(HUG-uh-mar hayn un SOW-roo lin)

Véarsa 2

Tá an fhuiseog ag seinm ‘s ag luascadh sna spéartha,

(Tahn ISH-yohg egg SHEN-yim segg lOOS-koo snuh SPAYR-huh)

Thugamar féin an samhradh linn.

(HUG-uh-mar hayn un SOW-roo lin)

Tá an chuach is na héanlaith ag seinm le pléisiúr,

(Tahn KHOO-ukh snuh HAYN-lee egg SHEN-yim leh PLAY-shoor)

Thugamar féin an samhradh linn.

(HUG-uh-mar hayn un SOW-roo lin)



Verse 1

Doll* of May, Maiden of Summer,

Up every hill and down every glen,

Beautiful girls, radiantly dressed,

We brought the summer with us.


Summer, summer, milk of the calves,

We brought the summer with us,

Summer yellow as the glistening daisy,

We brought the summer with us.

Verse 2

The lark is singing and soaring in the skies,

We brought the summer with us,

The cuckoo and the birds are singing with pleasure,

We brought the summer with us.

* The “doll” in this case probably refers to the May garland.