I guess I’m a Beautiful Blogger :::Blush:::

Thanks Raven’s Witch! Here is her Beautiful Blog

Okay now come the hard parts. 7 things you don’t already know and 10 people whose blogs I like. I follow over a hundred blogs. If I miss you at some point I’m sorry.

7 Things you don’t know (that I feel comfortable sharing anyway)

1. I’m a celibate witch and I have been since 1996 not from any religious reason really. It’s hard to find a pagan dyke who hasn’t slept with one of my friends and who meets my friend’s approval. And because I’ve gotten to enjoy my own company. And probably I’m just cranky enough not to want to tell someone where I am going and what I am doing and writing is kind of solitary.

2. I didn’t learn to drive until I was 26. A sin for someone growing up in LA

3. I seem to be able to only do one creative thing at a time.

4. I’m 7 books behind on the 150 book challenge this year.

5. I got the measles in 12th grade and proceeded to give them to the senior class who hadn’t had them. This was before the vaccine.
6. I was a Candy Striper in high school for 450 hrs.

7. We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here. I’m ashamed to say I voted in my first Presidential election for Nixon but I’ve seen the light.

Ten Blogs

1. Cin has 2 blogs I love, this one: &

3. Hillary’s travels :

4. Ramblings of a Hedgewitch – love her sense of humour:

5. Finding Subjects: Photography and observations:

6. Fieldstones wonderful invokations:

7. Witch of Howling Creek:

8. APOD : the Astronomical pic of the day :

9. This is a good friend’s blog who was also a friend of my late brother. He used to be in several Broadway touring companies and he is a wonderful story teller.

Sunshine Award

Whoa! I got the beautiful Sunshine Award from the sunny sammiwitch :

Here are the rules:

1. If you are nominated, you must blog a post linking back to the person/blog that nominated you.

2. You must answer some questions, nominate ten fellow bloggers and link their blogs to the post!

3. You should comment on your nominees’ blogs to let them know you’ve nominated them.

The Questions
1.Who is your favourite philosopher? Okay, I guess I’m a geek but I love to read the Pop Culture and Philosophy series and I’m always getting new things to thing about. But to name one that would be really hard. Albert Einstein and yes, he had his philosophical moments. I liked reading Camus in high school.

2.What is your favourite number? Not sure I have one but I guess any multiple of three

3.What is your favourite animal? Any animal I stop to chat with

4.What are your Facebook and Twitter URLs? how about my FB author page?, Twitter tag is wiccanlez.

5.What is your favourite time of the day? Twilight It has always been a magical threshold time for me.

6.What was your favourite vacation? When I graduated from college my present was a month in the UK all by myself. I had the best time on that adventure. And I’d have to say all my Labor Days at Carlsbad.

7.What is your favourite physical activity? Walking in the wildlife refuge.

8.What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? Milk, or a chocolate milkshake

9.What is your favourite flower? I have a minor in Botany and horticulture and I have to name one? I’d insult to many plant friends.

10.What is your passion? Writing stories when the Muse calls. Taking photos of interesting things, learning new things, my Goddesses, creating. I’m a double Gemini, I can’t be passionate about one thing.

The 10 blogs that I nominate for the Sunshine Award are as follows:
Damn! this is the hard part.

Diane Worthington _ I like how she thinks

The Witch of the Forest Grove

The Arigna Gardener

Notes from the Broomcloset

A Witch’s Journey

Here there be Gods

The Pigeon Blog always makes me laugh

The Chaos Witch

Poppy I log on every morning to see what she’s up to

The Stone of Destiny

Blessings to everyone because it’s that kind of day!

Fabulous Blog Award – It’s Fab It’s Rad

Thank you! The wonderful Poppyunderhill nominated me for the Fabulous Blogger Award. You can find the wonderful poppyunderhill here:

Rules for the Fabulous Blog Award
1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog.
2. Name 5 fabulous moments in your life.
3. Name 5 things that you love.
4. Name 5 things you hate.
5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.

5 Fabulous moments in my life:

1. I’d have to say my ordination was number 1. I’ll probably never get married and I’ll never have a child so this was my transcendent moment so far. It was an amazing day and I will always treasure it.

2. This year when we, M, D, and the Heiromum and I did had our Druid ritual out in the Wildlife Refuge. I can’t explain why it was special, it just was. I hope if we get to be Arch Druids it was wonderful.

3. This birth of our coven eons ago, hard to believe it was back in 1986. I remember how scared we were to do it and how right it felt when we had.

4. Any last night campfire for the summer at camp but I think the one my last year at Pines was the most magical of all. Ever have one of those nights where the music is all perfect? And ll the friends you love are there. It was that night.

5. The first time I held my books in my hand when they came from the printer. It is an absolutely giddy feeling.

5 Things I love

1. My Temple of Isis-Los Angeles sisters and my Comma sisters

2. Writing and the feeling of a new story trying to get out.

3. My family – here and on the aethereal plane.

4. A good cup of tea and freshly baked anything I’ve just made.

5. Learning anything new and stimulating my brain. I love, love, love to learn new things.

5 things I hate

1. Rude people even if I can be one of them some times. I mean the people who do things like honking the horn when they lock their car. It isn’t that hard to turn off and in a neighborhood of apartments really sucks if you have insomnis.

2. Thieves – Some boys jumped the security fence the other night and stole the big gnome’s wheelbarrow. :-(. I’m contemplating a mirror spell.

3. Days when it’s 105. Cue picture of a melting witch.

4. Certain smells and not always definable but smells.

5. Not having a permanent job.

5 People I want to honour.

A whole lot of people have blogs I really look forward to reading everyday or when they post. And I really hate when I forget some one so forgive me if I haven’t named you.

1. The Ditsy Druid who is really anything but ditsy,

2. Intended for Use makes me think which is always good

3.Journeymaid’s blog

4. I love her blog about learning to be Dutch

5 Witching Wildwood, another great blog

I follow over a 100 blogs and there are so many good ones and so many great people with wonderful ideas.

Lovely and Inspiring blogs with gratitude

The lovely Morgana Rose nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award. Her lovely blog is here:

Intended for use nominated me for a Most Inspiring Blog. Her Inspiring blog is here:

and so did

The very inspiring Awa. Here is her blog:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
Share 7 things about yourself
Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

I’m supposed to think of some interesting facts for these awards and to hand out some more. I have a hard time knowing what’s interesting and what is just plain weird and I tend to the weird most of the time I’ve been told. 7 times three might be too much.

1. John Brown – the one who allegedly indulged in hanky panky with Queen Victoria is either my first cousin thrice removed or my third cousin depending on what chart you look at. All I know is my grandmother thought he was “no better than he should be”. This was said very disapprovingly.

2. Adam Smith – the dude who caused all kinds of trouble with a little book called “The Wealth of Nations” is also a cousin on my mom’s side.

3. I’m probably my own cousin somewhere because we have Wylies, MacFarlanes and MacGregor’s on both sides of my family but since mom’s came to Canada from Scotland and Northern Ireland in the 1800’s and dad’s family came to Pennsylvania from Scotland and Northern Ireland in 1723 not that closely related.

4. I have 2 tendons in my wrist where most people have one.

5. I have extra bones in my feet for no apparent reason.

6. I was born sitting up cross-legged so my mom called me the Buddha.

7. I love bad Latin phrases like “Semper ubi, sub ubi.”

8. I’m good at tongue twisters and my favourite one is, “I’m a sheet slitter. I slit sheets. I’m the best sheet slitter ever slit a sheet.”

9. I could read when I was three but I don’t remember learning how.

And that’s probably enough boring facts for anyone.

And now the nominations that are completely arbitrary and based on the people who have enlightened me in the last few weeks. Pick which ever award you haven’t already received for your blog.

1. Isiopolis by a member of the Fellowship of Isis and Isadore has a great book of Isian rituals and devotions too.

2. Pagan Devotionals – A new blog I’m following and enjoying

3. Book of Shadows and Blessings – Love this one!

4. Searching for Brigid. Another great blog – I love how many followers of Brighid are out there.

5. Stay for a Spell – Like her point of view a lot.

6. Lady Imbrium’s Holocron – another great blog

Do you know how hard this is? All the blogs I follow are great. If they aren’t I don’t follow them.
7. Don’t Panic! Always like her viewpoint

8. The Shireling – not a regular poster but always good, They are a fellow member of Paul Beyerel’s Rowan Tree Church/Hermit’s Grove. If you haven’t checked Rowan Tree out, please do

9. The Ditsy Druid – Love this one too!

10. The Purple Broom -witchy gothness from South Africa, always interesting to hear from south of the equatorial divide

11, Brandi’s blog is regular but always interesting. She’s also a wonderful vendor from our Faire.

12. An Artist’s Garden. This is a stellar glass artist that I just happened to go to high school with back in the dark ages. It can’t be possible it’s time for our 40th reunion.

13. The Crowing Crone – another one with a great viewpoint

14. Chester Maynes – I like his poetry

15.My Botanical Garden – always interesting

I know there are many more and if I left you out I’m sorry and feel free to nominate yourself!


You have no idea what those blogging awards mean in the midst of a dark week. I’ve been without a permanent job for 4 years because I was laid off. I’ve only been able to get temp jobs because even though I always leave the assignments with great reviews the 2 that would have hired me went and hired someone younger instead. At the assignment I’m on now I actually asked early on if I was going to be hired and the boss said she thought so and then we got a new VP. And the term cost cutting began to be thrown around.

This week they are giving us jobs that require no brain and the assignments we normally do have been farmed out to a different office. I found out this by accident when a broker that I had helped a few months ago asked for me and I had to get the assignment back from the other person who had it even though my name is on it. We are being told there is no work but if you go into the system there is a ton of work and it’s not being given to us.

As a temp that’s a really bad sign. There are 13 temps in this dept and we were told in the beginning we would at the very least stay a year. I’ve been here 5 months. Some of the temps have already been here almost that long. That is the limit the company will keep you without hiring you.

And it’s a Mercury retrograde which always messing things up royally for Air signs like me. I’m a double Gemini. Everyone is running around here making furtive phone calls to their temp handlers asking for work. I flat out asked the supervisor that assigns the work if we were being let go and she looked fake shocked at me and said, of course not. Not believing her in the slightest especially when they had a permanent staff only meeting yesterday and they are not being to outgoing to us all of a sudden. My fear level is skyrocketing and paranoia is licking at my heels. Is it too late for people over 55 with college degrees? Am I really that redundant?

So, to have people nominated me for Most Inspiring Blog, you gave me a good boost. Thank you for that.