Archive | June 20, 2020

Thoughts on Midsummer

Today we are just past Summer Solstice and Midsummer’s Eve. A time when we sit halfway from Winter’s long night and enjoying the length and warmth of the days.

It’s a time of magic as Shakespeare well knew and a time of joy in being alive in this world and our beautiful planet. This is the time of the Green ones, the lord and lady of the woods. Rejoice in the world of the Green Man and the Green Woman. They are in the fullness of their powers now.

We can see the fruits of our labours just ahead at harvest time and we can take stock of our choices in our lives. Our choices have led us here and our choices define us. We can say others have made choices for us but we chose to go along with those choices for whatever reason and so we did choose.

Every day we can choose to be creators or destroyers, we can choose to be helpers or hinderers. We can choose to take joy in those around us that we love or we can live in premature darkness anticipating the winter and never reaching out to the joys and magic of summer. Ahead of us soon is the taking stock and giving thanks. Behind us was the planting and hope for new growth but now is that time of growth and we need to rejoice and be here now the dark will come soon enough with out dwelling in it before it gets here.

Take a walk in the woods. Take a night time stroll in the warmth of the welcoming evening. Enjoy the feel of cool water on hot skin. Remember to breathe and welcome the breathing of those around us. Choose to live and to be in the moment in this place, on this earth. Be here now!

Prayer for Summer Solstice

I greet this morning of sunshine with open eyes

I see the flowers that greet the sun

I hear the birds call to each other from tree to tree

I sense the trees greeting the sun with me

I ask that today bring gladness and gifts

This summer solstice

Warmth of sun

Clearness of air

Happiness of birds

Purity of flowers

Greeness of plants

Prisms in water

Clarity of sight

Patience of growth

Blessings of the long day

May the gifts of this day surround me and all I love

From morning’s first light

Through the shortness of night.