Archive | March 14, 2019

A day in the gardens

I spent Tuesday at my favourite garden where I have a membership, Descanso Gardens in La Canada, CA.

I went with a very good friend, so good she pushed me all over in a wheelchair. She said she didn’t need to work out at the gym that day. She even got up a steep hill. I can’t walk far at the moment. It was the first day in 41 days that it hit 70 degrees AND it wasn’t raining. We getting record amounts of rain this year with more coming in a few days. Anyway, enjoy!

A Spring morning prayer

Lady, I see the beauties of this spring day

And ask that these blessings surround me this dat

The shining glow of our white roses

The dawn song of the phoebe

the whirr of the mourning dove’s wings

The pink of the rose echoing the colours of dawn

The furious chatter of the bushtits in the trees

The flick of the kitty’s tail as she flees

The early green shine of the new plants in the fields

The sleepy peep of baby birds

The chilly caress of the morning breeze

May they be with me through this day

And may they be there in the twilight hours

And in the dark of night.

Kat Robb 2016