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A Rose By Any Other Name: What Parents Name Their Baby Matters – HealthyWay

Oy! I was supposed to be Kimberly Jean but I was a very long c-section and dad decided to register my name during the surgery as something different so mom couldn’t interfere. So he registered Mary Elizabeth after his favourite aunt and the only problem with that is he screwed up Aunt Mae’s real name. Mary Ida. Thank the Goddess he got it wrong

At some point they had decided we would all have Scottish names, so he told my mom when she came to that he’d named me for 2 Scottish queens. Mom said only is I was called Mary Beth which is fine except I grew up hearing Scots say it and Americans can’t say it so I like it. So I go by Kat which is a contraction of my native American name and hard to mess up.

My brother and sister got the better names, Cameron Alexander and Alison Jean