Parents, not IKEA, are at fault for MALM dresser deaths

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Parents of small children: if you don’t have all your tall, narrow furniture and electronics anchored properly, it’s not the furniture maker’s fault if your child is injured – it’s yours.

IKEA’s MALM dressers have been blamed for the accidental deaths of at least eight small children. In each case, the child pulled out one or more drawers, started to climb the dresser, and the dresser tipped over, trapping and crushing the child. As a result, IKEA sent wall anchors to owners of MALM dressers with instructions on how to anchor their dressers to the wall (my wife and I own several MALM items, including two dressers, and we received those anchors in the mail). After more children died, IKEA recalled the dressers, even offering to come to your home and pick them up and haul them off to be destroyed.

To date, IKEA has done everything right, yet they…

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