Archive | September 18, 2017

Once again the government shows it doesn’t care about people with disabilities

I’m having a go round with one of my friends on Facebook who doesn’t understand why it was such a big deal that it wasn’t a real interpreter in Florida. She keep saying it wasn’t his fault that he signed about pizza and monsters and bears. I say he had no business even trying. The local interpreting company has said they were on call and would have done it. And I bet they would have done it for free since it was an emergency situation.

As someone who is losing their hearing and misses things sometimes I’m finding this rather scary. A hard of hearing person can’t just flip on the radio and hear an emergency broadcast. TV and apps on your phone are you’re source of information and that is only as long as your service is intact. When the cell service or local tv towers are down or cable if you have it. You are screwed.

I know there are times now where I don’t hear sirens and respond more to flashing lights when I’m driving. I can’t hear my blinkers or my car doors lock at 15 mph like I used to. This morning I was introduced to a new co-worker and had to have my lead repeat her name because I didn’t understand it which also made me explain to the new person that I was losing my hearing. Something I find embarrassing even though I shouldn’t, I suppose.

One on one, I’m fine most of the time but the smallest other noise like running the fan on my desk and I’m screwed and am thrown into my very own cone of silence. Once people at work figure out I’m deaf they either don’t talk to me at all or they shout at me and if I mention they are shouting, I get a 5 year old’s answer, “No I’m not”.

I’m reviewing my ASL but if no one else uses it, it becomes as helpful at work as my knowledge of Gaelic or Latin and I know it isn’t going to get any better.

At home is just as much fun since my sister loves to say things as she walks away from me and then gets irritated if I make her repeat things. So sometimes I just shut up.

I’ve also been introduced to the lovely world of something called recruitment. When your ear can’t hear something at a certain frequency band your brain can decide to help out. So sounds can go from undetectable to roaring loud. Your middle ear switches they sound frequency onto a band that still has active cilia and doubles the sound.  This is why some deaf people complain things can be too loud or irritating because it’s like someone turned the volume dial to max with no warning and it can be painful.

So the thought that stupid information was given to the deaf is just infuriating. Imagine you lived there and the only information from the government was coming out in Urdu or Swahili. How prepared at you going to be. You can look at the graphics but that would be the information you have access to and it’s just wrong.