Archive | September 11, 2017

A Prayer on 9/11

I remember

I remember and wish for peace

I ask blessing on those who lost their lives or health that day

I remember the Tower card come alive before my eyes

I ask for understanding of how people can do evil to other people they have never met

I ask that all people learn to listen to each other and to hear one another

I ask that people see the sameness in each other and not the differences

I ask that we see the brother, sister, uncle or aunt, mother or father in one another’s eyes

I ask that we hear each other’s wishes and dreams for the world and to allow all good visions of the world to exist

I ask us to respect the beliefs of all beings and allow them to exist

To know that all people hold their beliefs dear and allow them to allow other belief systems room

I ask for us to remember the good of helping others that day as well as remembering the evil perpetrated by a few men

I ask for peace in the world and I ask for understanding that no one person is right and that all people have rights to live and love and laugh in this world as they pursue happiness