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Life in the Bay of Smokes. One of the early names for Los Angeles

I grew up in Glendale up against the hill that were burning this weekend. I well know the terror of wetting down a roof with a garden hose that you had to pull up to the second floor balcony and watching flames on a hill side.

When we moved into the house in 1964 there had been terrible fires the year before and there were foot shaped holes in the roof from the neighbor’s feet. The people who owned the house weren’t home so the neighbor’s got on the roof to protect. There were only two shake roofs in the area, ours and one down the street. Their garage roof caught fire because they were on our roof. You could see scorch marks on the studs on the inside when we were kids.

A fact of life is the cycle of fire in summer and fall and the flooding that follows in winter when the rain comes and there is no vegetation to hold the earth back. California chapparal has a strange quirk. Some plants create a paraffin like substance that when burned sinks into the ground at 8-12 inches and when it reaches the colder earth it solidifies. When the rains come it acts like putting wax paper on a slide or foil on a cookie sheet and the dirt above just slides right off down a hill. When there are plants the soil doesn’t do that and holds. Most of the fire retardant that is dropped has seeds in it for just that reason.

Yesterday, we had spurts of rain and that dampened the fire down. It was also a lot cooler, thank heavens. It was 102 on Saturday. That’s 38.88 celsius for those of you metric folks.

By Friday night the fire was at 500 acres and encroaching on Burbank from Sun Valley. The sky looked like Pompeii must have. Driving home with my sister after a stop at the giant Dollar Tree by her work was like driving through the apocalypse, there were whole burnt leaves landing on my arm as I drove. At 5:30 the temp was still in the upper 90s and the air was getting hard to breathe. By Saturday morning it was moving toward Glendale and Montrose and they had expanded the amount of the 210 freeway that had been shut down. That freeway is the one that carries people out of town on holiday weekends. So I’m sure it was putting a large crimp in some people’s plans.

I’m a member of the Natural History Museum here in LA, and it was the last weekend of their Butterfly Pavilion and one of the last for Extreme Mammals. I love to take my friend, Diana and her two boys so I get the family membership that allows three adults and up to four kids. They lowered the price this year for that membership and raised the age for the kids just in time. It used to be kids up to 12 and they changed it to 18 years just as the boys are becoming teenagers.

My dad took us every holiday and summer when we were kids. My dad was a teacher and felt holidays should be learning something not going to theme parks so we went to museums and for hikes and to botanical gardens. I didn’t know you could go other places when I was a kid. Even summer vacations were based on things like the mission trails, the Gold rush or famous author’s houses. And we loved it, we were such geeks. So I love sharing it with the boys now, not sure about how they feel about it but I love it.

We did run into the tailgating crowd for the USC game, I thought going at 9:30am we’d avoid it but we didn’t, at least we got parking at the Museum.

Going home to the Valley though you could see how the smoke was laying over the Valley and it smelled like it was the death of a 1000 campfires. Sunday, they were starting to get a handle on it and we had the ac on and stayed in the house. Monday, was really muggy which was good for the fire but not so much for us. And it rained 3 times during the day and once about 4am. That helped a lot. I couldn’t smell it this morning.

So this morning, here are the stats, so far





My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Gaian Tarot
Spread: One Card
Date: Tue Sep 05 07:30:29 PDT 2017

Your Card
Ace of Fire

You are bursting with new energy! You are charged with creativity and can’t wait to begin new projects. You may be discovering a new way of expressing your sexuality. You are beginning a transformation of some kind, and quite possibly a healing as well.

Shadow side: You are squelching the creative, passionate energy that wants to come forth. You are fearful of change and would prefer to stay as you are, even if you are unhappy. Your challenge is to find within yourself the courage to transform.

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