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TMI Warning – Progressive Diseases are no fun

I keep thinking of that old school joke about the book author I. P. Freely. I wish… the joke went something like “Race to the Outhouse” by I.P. Freely, Illustrated by Willy E. Makeit. Edited by Betty E Wont and Published by Andy Didnt.

After I had my surgery last year for what they thought was stage 4 ovarian cancer, they removed a giant tumour and they found out I had something that was rare called retroperitoneal fibrosis. And depending on the source it seems it’s mostly men that get it. It does wonderful things like strangle your kidneys. It had taken over most of my abdominal cavity and swallowed my ovaries whole and plastered them to my abdominal walls on the right and left and now I should be like the Tin Man with fewer and fewer original parts. Unfortunately for me, it’s a progressive disease.

So a few weeks ago I started not being able to pee. If you Google lack of urination you get multiple websites about prostate blockage. I don’t have a prostrate. If you add female you get multiple incontinence websites even when lack of urine is put in as the problem. If they do happen to show any information at all it’s on kidney infection.

So last Friday I bit the bullet and went to my GP and a urine sample did show some minor infection or at least white blood cells. So she started me on an antibiotic. Cipro, Cipro can cause tendon tears and when you are already using a cane and are supposed to go to a camp reunion some place that is full of decomposing granite on all the paths that’s a bit scary because your feet can slide out from under you.

And to make it even more wonderful, if I indeed have an infection which I’m becoming fairly convinced I don’t, it isn’t working. The weird thing is that nothing is swollen and I always drink a lot of fluids and this week it’s been fairy cool, the high 80’s and low 90s. So where is it going? I’m not sweating that much.

Meanwhile, I long for being able to do something like take a whiz and not think about it.


My Tarot Reading

Deck: The Gaian Tarot
Spread: One Card
Date: Thu Aug 24 07:24:50 PDT 2017

Your Card
15 ~ Bindweed

Someone is playing power games, resulting in domination and control. Awareness is needed. When addictions run loose in our lives, they create chaos. Immediate action is called for, in order to restore balance.

Shadow side: This is either a situation in which addictions and denial are becoming even more deeply entrenched, or else you are breaking free of them. Commit to being vigilant and proactive so that this painful lesson does not recur.

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